Large Electric Menorahs: An Elegant Solution For Outdoor Hanukkah Displays


Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, is a cherished tradition celebrated around the globe. It’s a time for family gatherings, shared meals, the exchange of gifts, and most importantly, the ceremonial lighting of the Menorah. In the modern age, people are constantly seeking innovative ways to commemorate this festival, and for those desiring a grand outdoor statement, large electric menorahs offer an exquisite solution.

Why Choose Large Electric Menorahs?


Traditional menorahs use candles which can pose a risk of fire, especially when left unattended. This risk escalates when we consider larger, more dramatic displays. Large electric menorahs sidestep this risk entirely, using LED bulbs instead of open flames.


Especially pertinent for outdoor displays, large menorahs provide a highly visible symbol of the Festival of Lights. The bright LED bulbs shine vibrantly, reaching far and wide, ensuring that the beauty of the display can be enjoyed by many.


Electric menorahs are crafted with robust materials, designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions. Whether it’s rain, snow, or wind, your outdoor Hanukkah display will remain resilient.


Using large electric menorahs eliminates the need for a fresh set of candles each night. Simply flip a switch, and the bulbs light up instantly.

The Splendor of Large Menorahs

A large menorah doesn’t only serve a functional role; it also offers a grand spectacle, making your outdoor Hanukkah display truly unforgettable. As we delve into the key features that make these menorahs a sight to behold, we discover the following:

  • Size: Large menorahs stand out, not just because of their electric lights, but because of their sheer size. With sizes up to 15 feet or more, they become a central point of any outdoor display.
  • Design: These menorahs come in a variety of designs, from the traditional to the contemporary. No matter the aesthetic you desire, you’re sure to find a design that suits your needs.
  • Lighting: The LED bulbs used in these menorahs are bright and vibrant, illuminating the surroundings beautifully. Some models even offer the option to switch between different lighting modes and colors.
  • Material: The construction material of these menorahs varies, from robust metals for long-term outdoor displays, to lighter, more portable options for temporary setups.

How to Choose Your Large Electric Menorah

With the variety available, picking the right menorah can seem overwhelming. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Location: Determine where you plan to set up your menorah. Is it for a private lawn or a public space? Will it be exposed to harsh weather conditions?
  • Size: Consider the size of the menorah in relation to its location. Will it be proportional to its surroundings?
  • Style: Reflect on the style that best represents your aesthetic and your interpretation of Hanukkah.
  • Budget: Large electric menorahs come in a wide range of prices. Establish your budget before you start your search.

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