Know Everything about the Types of Bets of Football Betting


Football is an ideal game for betting. Football betting is very popular all over the world, and its popularity is increasing day by day. Many people are inexperienced about football betting (แทงบอลออนไลน์) but are interested in making money by betting on football. You need to know everything about football betting initially and then think about it around it.

Football Betting: Types of bets

Since football is a sport with such a broad audience, it is pretty easy to engage in betting on the internet and learn new tricks to improve your chances and knowledge about how football betting works. Plus, there are a variety of bet types that you can choose from. Some of the most popular bets are:

  • Straight bets or point spreads

A straight bet means that the team you are betting on has to win by the same number of points decided at the time of the bet. The favorite team can be handicapped by deducting points while the underdog is awarded points.

  • Over under

These are bets on the total number of points scored by both teams during any given game – the sportsbook sets a row, the number on which you will be basing your decision. You bet on the total amount of points under or above this line. If the result matches your prediction, you win. These are very convenient since they allow you to place more than one bet on the same game. Over-under bets are simple and have low risk, unlike money line bets. Therefore, it is recommended for most newbies.

  • Money line bet

One of the most straightforward bets; it only requires the team you waved to win the match. The odds on this vary, but you should be aware that bookmakers place a much more significant percentage than a typical straight bet. It is often seen as an alternative to point spreads, and one of its advantages is that you get to control the risk versus the reward – a safer option. You make a higher return if you back the underdog team instead of the leading player. And instead of equal odds on both, the underdog and the favorite have a very different balance.

  • First goal scorer

It is a bet on which the first goal will be scored – there is even the option of a ‘no goal scorer,’ which means no goal was scored in the stipulated time. Make sure you discuss the specifics of an option or own goal with your bet before the match starts and the bet is placed.

For example, own goals are usually ignored, so the next fair goal is counted as the first goal scorer. It’s often better to bet on a ‘no goal scorer’ than a ‘0-0’. Margins can be huge, but you are likely to get good returns if you know your stuff.

  • Draw no bet

In this type of bet, you have no option but to bet on the draw. You are allowed to bet on one of the winning teams, and if the match ends in a draw, you get your stake back. Therefore, if there is a draw, you will not win or lose any money. It is pretty simple to make, and newbies and risk-averse bettors satisfy this condition. However, the payout can be below as it is a low-margin bet.

  • Bet

The person who places the bet in a parlay selects two or more teams, and all teams must win. If there is a tie, you are put off the next payment. It means that if you are tied on five teams, and two are tied, you will be paid based on the three teams that believe they all won. Parlay is a high-risk bet, and hence, there is always a chance that you could lose all your money. However, if you win, you also get a higher payout. Mercury is not recommended for newcomers.

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