Jun88  Promotions and All the Information Bettors Need to Know


jun889 mobi is considered one of the most generous and willing bookmakers today. The proof is that this game portal always surprises players with many promotions. If you don’t want to miss out on the bookmaker’s most attractive offers, immediately refer to the general information in the article.

Introducing  Jun88  and its promotions

 Jun88 is a betting brand that is receiving the attention, trust and love of many players. Although this online bookmaker has just appeared, it has surpassed many giants in the field. Making the game portal successful, extremely valuable promotions play an extremely important role.

This leading bookmaker offers cash, items, bet refund codes,… to all members. The rules for participating in the promotion are quite simple and the value of the rewards received is not small. All these advantages have given Jun88 Become one of the bookmakers with the most anticipated promotions.

 Jun88  is famous for many great promotions

Summary of typical promotions at  Jun88 

Find it Jun88 , you will always be surprised by a series of promotional events and incentives held all year round. And below are some of the most attractive bonus programs you shouldn’t miss:

First deposit bonus up to 28,888,000 VND

As soon as you complete the membership registration step at the house, you are eligible to participate in their promotions Jun88 . And one of the first offers cUhUgh Players should not miss out on a bonus of up to 28,888,000 VND when depositing for the first time.

The rules for participating in this huge promotion are relatively simple. You just need to be an official member of the game portal then deposit money into your account. With a deposit of more than 100 points, you will receive 38 bonus points, equivalent to 38,0000 VND. First deposit of more than 300,000 points, the house will give a maximum bonus of 28,888 VND, equivalent to 28,888,0000 VND.

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100% refund of fish shooting jar bets for new members

New player of Jun88 When participating in pot shooting and fish shooting, you can also receive a 100% refund of bet tickets, up to 18,888 bonus points. This promotion does not require players to register. Instead, the system will automatically calculate and deposit money into your betting account before 3:00 p.m. every day.

Super promotion for new members at  Jun88 

Surprise rewards on special days

Dealer Jun88 always knows how to surprise players by regularly giving random gifts. On special days of the month, the system will give unlimited free gifts to lucky players.

Some attractive rewards have been given such as: bonuses worth millions of dong, member gifts, super red envelopes,…

Super storm of monthly promotions at  Jun88 

Get 5% deposit value every Sunday

To express our gratitude to customers, every Sunday, when you deposit money, you will receive an additional 5% of the transaction value. Taking advantage of this offer, your betting pocket will always be full and ready to participate in any of the bookmaker’s attractive games.

Another advantage of this promotion is that the bet only needs to go through a minimum betting round. The 5% deposit bonus is also not limited to participating members, bringing many benefits to players.

Refund 3.5% unlimited bets

The bet refund program is also quite popular at the house. This unlimited refund program applies to all bets, regardless of win or loss, and has a payout rate of up to 3.5%.

With 1 valid bet point, equivalent to 1,000 VND, you will receive a refund of 0.4 – 1.3% of the bet ticket value. The more you invest, the more attractive the amount of money you get back after the bet ends. Specifically, with more than 100,000 bet points, the refund will be equal to 3.5% of the total value of the bet fee.

 Jun88  promotion unlimited 3.5% refund

Some notes related to the  Jun88  promotion program

Promotion Jun88 for all bookmakers’ bets. Most of these incentive programs have quite simple participation rules. All you need to do is meet the simple requirements below to easily receive the reward:

  • Members need to comply with the house’s terms and policies when receiving rewards. Absolutely no fraudulent behavior to profit from promotions.
  • Bonuses received from promotions need to go through a certain number of valid betting rounds before being withdrawn to your bank account.
  • Currently, there are a number of individuals and organizations pretending to be bookmakers contacting members, using the excuse of receiving rewards to scam customers. Players need to be careful to avoid unnecessary losses.


The article has introduced some promotions Jun88 typical and note when receiving rewards. Hopefully the above shares have helped you better understand the incentives of this leading bookmaker. Register as a member at the game portal today to not miss out on extremely valuable gifts.

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