Is it East to Learn Malay? Every Basic you Need to Know about Malay


Malay is one of the national languages of Singapore, and it is the most commonly used language in business, education, and government. In Malaysia, it is also a working language in international airports, universities, schools, and trading centers. There are a number of reasons why you might want to learn Malay:

  • It is an important language in Southeast Asia: Malay is the official language of Malaysia and Indonesia, both of which are important trading partners for Singapore.
  • It is a Malay-Pacific Creole Language: Malay is a Creole language which means that it evolved from a mixture of different languages. This makes it an exciting and challenging language to learn.
  • It has Simple Grammar: Malay has relatively simple grammar, with no gender or verb conjugation to worry about.
  • It is Phonetically Consistent: The pronunciation of Malay words is relatively consistent, making it easier to learn how to speak the language correctly.
  • Malay is known for being a very polite and “flowery” language, with many expressions of respect.

Is Malay a Hard Language to Learn?

If you’re contemplating learning Malay this is a common question that may bug you consistently. Now, Malay is, without any doubt, an easy language to learn for English speakers. Here are five compelling reasons why Malay is an easy language:

  • The grammar is simple, and the pronunciation is consistent: The pronunciation is very similar to English, so once you get the hang of it, you will be able to speak Malay almost perfectly.
  • There are no irregular verbs: Conjugating verbs in Malay is easy because there are no irregular verbs or totally different words for “I” and “you.”
  • The vocabulary is based on European languages: Malay’s most commonly used words come from English, Portuguese, or Dutch.
  • The names of foreign people and places are adapted into Malay: There are quite a few common words that come from other languages, which make it easier to learn new words quickly. For example, if you know how to say ‘chart’ in English, then congratulations – you already know the Malay word for ‘chart’ (Kerja).
  • The sentence structure is similar to English: Malay and English’s sentence structures are pretty similar, which makes it easier for English speakers to learn how to construct sentences in Malay.

So there you have it! Five reasons why learning Malay is easy for English speakers. With its simple grammar and pronunciation and its similarity to English, Malay is the perfect language for beginners. So what are you waiting for? Start learning Malay today!

How can I Learn Malay Effectively?

Learning Malay shouldn’t be difficult, especially if you use the right tools and strategies. Here are a few tips to help you learn Malay effectively:

 I. Use a Malay language textbook

There are a number of good Malay language textbooks available that will teach you everything you need to know about the grammar and pronunciation of the language. When choosing a Malay language textbook, it would help if you can find one which is written for Malaysian learners. This will ensure that the examples and exercises are relevant to your context.

 II.  Join a Malay language class

Many excellent Malay language classes are available in Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries where Malay is spoken. These classes will help you to improve your grammar, listening comprehension, and speaking skills. If you are more of a visual or hands-on learner, joining a Malay language class may be better. Classes usually involve interactive activities and dialogues, which will help you to learn the language quickly and effectively. You can find Malay classes in most major cities around the world.

 III. Use an online Malay language course

Online Malay courses are another great option for learning the language. They are often cheaper than attending classes in person, and they offer more flexibility since you can learn at your own pace. There are a number of good Malay language courses available online, and most of them come with audio and video materials as well as interactive exercises.

 IV. Use Malay language flashcards

Flashcards are a great way to learn new words quickly and effectively. Flashcards can be used for any language, and they are especially useful for learning vocabulary. You can find Malay flashcards online or in your local bookstore. Simply download or print the cards, and start learning.

 V. Listen to the Malaysian music

Listening to Malaysian music is a fun and effective way to improve your Malay skills. Not only will you get to hear the language spoken naturally, but you will also learn about Malaysia’s culture and the people. There are many different genres of Malaysian music to choose from, and you can download the songs from iTunes or other music stores.

 VI. Watch Malaysian TV shows

Malaysian TV is a great way to learn more about this country’s culture and language. There are many popular Malaysian TV shows that you can watch for free online or on YouTube. You can also find some Malay cartoons, which may be good for beginner learners of the language. Watching these videos is a fun and engaging way to improve your Malaysian skills!

VII. Talk to Malaysians whenever possible

Talking to Malaysians in their own language will help you improve your grammar as well as vocabulary. Learning the language through conversation with others will greatly increase your comprehension skills and fluency, so it’s important that you speak Malay as often as possible. You can find Malaysians to talk to in your city, or you can join a Malaysian chat room or forum online.

VIII. Practice, practice, practice!

The more you practice the language, the better you will get at it. The above tips can help you improve quickly, but if you want to master Malay, the only thing that really works is regular practice over an extended period. Be patient and use these techniques often to see real improvement in your skills.

The Bottom Line

Malay is easy to learn, but it will take time and dedication to see results. If you are willing to put in the work, you can quickly become fluent in this fascinating language. We provide Malay language lessons that are easy to follow and effective, so if you’re willing to learn, then we can help you too. Contact us today to get started. Call: +6562533320 or Email: [email protected].

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