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Trends in renewable energy innovation, clean energy, and the need for the business sector to adapt. For this reason, businesses and industries are increasingly interested in clean energy innovation and technology. green energy that reduces emissions Reduce production costs And environmentally friendly, such as solar energy, wind and water, which has been around for a long time. 

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But with today’s innovation and technology that play an important role in the development of renewable energy In this case, we have an example of a startup that happened abroad to study. Let’s have a look at some interesting innovations.

1. Solar energy

We probably know each other very well about solar panels. Innovation for converting solar radiation into electrical energy The main technology is available in 2 forms, divided into

  1. Integrated photovoltaic power generation (Concentrated Solar Power) is a technology that draws thermal energy from the sun to boil water and converts it into electricity through a steam turbine.

and type 2. Photovoltaic technology (Photovoltaic) is a method that generates electricity from sunlight directly through These innovations are coupled with solar cell designs that provide maximum efficiency and high yield. and uses the least amount of resources

For example, Lusoco, a Dutch startup. Developed luminescent technology, a material with high refractive index, combined with fluorescent ink to concentrate light on the edge of the thin-film solar panel mount. making it possible to display the sign sustainably This solution harvests energy while maintaining its beauty. Fluorescent glasses are suitable for use in automotive, billboards, signboards and interior design.

Or, as in the case of Norwegian Crystals, a Norwegian startup that produces polycrystalline solar panels. Monocrystalline (Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cells) low carbon. It also produces gallium-doped gallium rods that increase the lifetime of solar cells and reduce the number of stabilization steps compared to monocrystalline silicon.

As a result, Norwegian Crystals keeps the carbon footprint of its solar panel components very low. This leaves consumers and businesses considering the overall sustainability of solar power generation.

2. Ocean Energy

energy derived from the movement of the oceans It is another source of energy that the world is interested in. By generating electricity from wave energy in the ocean, which is a renewable energy source that is currently developing interestingly, such as tidal energy from potential energy, tidal current energy, wave energy, hydroelectric power. temperature difference and energy from differences in salinity

Take, for example, the case of Seabased, an Irish start-up developing ocean wave energy converters. The hallmark of ocean wave energy technology is its robust simplicity. By harnessing the power of ocean waves by using wave energy converters (WECs) or ‘buoys’ that float on the surface, when the buoy from the wave current can be converted into electrical energy, etc.

3. Wind power

Wind is one of the oldest sources of energy, using ‘wind turbines’ to convert the kinetic energy of the wind movement. is electrical energy The production process of electricity from wind does not release waste that is harmful to the environment. At present, wind energy is rapidly developing and is one of the cleanest renewable energy sources.

However, wind energy innovations are often combined with other energy sources such as floating wind turbines. or tidal energy To improve efficiency even further, for example, Hydro Wind Energy, a startup that invented OceanHydro, a hybrid energy system (wind + water) that controls wind from high altitude offshore using kites or vertical axis fan blades together with Undersea Ocean Pressure to Generate Electrical Power and low-cost, reliable energy storage.

It can be seen that at present, there are more diverse forms of energy deployment. Important things arise from innovation and technology that has developed at leaps and bounds. Along with the trend of energy sustainability, Earth friendly energy and energy that helps reduce the cost of doing business Including the use of renewable energy, will be seen more and more in the future. And, of course, businesses that are not friendly to the planet. Or businesses that use energy that pollutes the world will soon begin to disappear.

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