How to Shop for Eggs and Poultry


Buying the best poultry and eggs can be challenging. But fortunately, there are plenty of resources dedicated to helping you find the most sustainable, humane, and nutritious options.

If possible, I recommend purchasing your meat from smaller, local farms. These farms create better environments for the chickens and produce less waste than huge slaughterhouses. To find local meat and eggs, visit the following websites: Local Harvest: This is one of my favorite sites.

Go here to find all the farmers’ markets, family farms, and other sources of local poultry and eggs in your area:

Eatwild: This website is the leading clearinghouse for information about pasture-based farming.

It has a stateby-state directory that you can use to find local farmers who sell pasture-raised poultry in your neck of the woods:

Eat Well Guide: You can use this free and excellent online directory to find sustainably raised poultry and eggs from supermarkets, stores, farms, restaurants, and all sorts of retail websites:

Farmers’ markets: The USDA maintains a national listing of farmers’ markets on its website:

ButcherBox: This is an online source of organic and grass-fed animal foods:

Walden Meats: This is an online source of organic, grassfed meat in New England and parts of New York State.

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