Life as an actor isn’t easy. However, it is worth all the heartache when you’re on a stage or set, performing dialogue and action to the best of your ability in front of an audience or crew. Unfortunately, once one job is complete, you will likely need to return to a life of auditions and screen tests.

If you’re tired of being rejected for auditions or find opportunities are few and far between, you may need to adjust your tactics. Keep reading for advice on how to secure more acting jobs.

Find a Manager or Agent

Dedicate more time to perfecting your craft and less time searching for acting jobs by finding an agent or manager. Rather than missing out on opportunities, industry professionals will have their finger on the pulse for upcoming theater, TV, and movie productions. However, competition to secure a manager or agent is tough, and it may take time, persistence, and impressive acting jobs to secure their services. You can trust they’ll be worth their weight in gold once you have them onboard.

Start a Theater Company

If you believe acting opportunities are few and far between, create your own. Stop wasting your valuable time on pointless auditions and start creating impressive productions that will best use your acting skills.

Many talented actors and theater professionals searching for employment would love to join a fresh theater company. Of course, you must understand the legalities of starting a theater company, such as registering it as a business and taxes. Also, you must open a business bank account to separate your personal finances from the company’s investments, ticket sales, and overheads.

Once you understand your legal requirements, you can focus on securing a rehearsal space for your first production. Also, you must invest in costumes, set design, and plenty of professional theatrical makeup supplies, such as stage blood, hair silver, bald caps, and more. Remember, the quality of your sets, characters, and makeup are just as important as the acting.

Build Professional Connections

If you can’t secure the help of industry professionals, you must become your own manager or agent. Don’t sit back and wait for casting calls to appear online. Make it your mission to get ahead of the competition. Start building professional connections at local theaters, film studios, and TV companies. The more people you build a rapport with across the industry, the more likely they’ll give you a call when they need an actor or are holding upcoming auditions.

Create a Website

If you’re serious about acting, you must dedicate every spare minute to securing roles and grabbing the attention of directors, producers, and showrunners. A website is a professional way to highlight your acting experience, abilities, and professionalism.

Your website should include a mix of professional headshots, video compilations, reels, and your resume. Once your acting website is ready, send the URL to as many prospective companies, directors, and producers as possible. Also, promote it on your social media accounts and increase your presence in the search engines to help industry professionals find your website organically.


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