How to save money on your wedding flowers


From centrepieces to your bouquet, flowers are forever going to be a vital part of your wedding day decoration. But even though your wedding flowers are an essential part, it does not mean you need to spend a fortune to fulfil your dream wedding day look. While most wedding florists are happy to accommodate a particular budget, it helps to go to your primary meeting with a clear idea of how might be capable to save money.

Pick flowers that are locally in season

If you are completely set on having a wedding flowers hire, ensure you pick flowers that are in season and simply sourced to help cut down on the cost. There is no point in dreaming of a charming peony bouquet if you are getting married in January. Sure your florist will probably be capable to source them for you, but you will pay a premium for them when there are affordable substitutes accessible. What is seasonal will change depending on where you live, so discuss to your florist about what your top options are.

Use non-traditional and less expensive elements

Using non-traditional elements such as fruits, herbs and vegetables can be affordable way to create amazing and less expensive arrangements and bouquets. If you have your heart set on a truly expensive flower, use promo code or try using only 1 or two blossoms and bulking up the rest of the arrangement with lots of affordable and amazing greenery. Another famous trend right now is the use of single elements rather than the full arrangements of bouquets.

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Use candles

Lanterns or candles are a best way to include to the full aesthetic while actually taking down the costs. Pillars or candelabras candles will help fill the table, meaning your florist will have to use fewer flowers in the arrangements to make a statement. You can also substitute tables, meaning one table will have candles while the others will have flowers only. The candles will support to soften the room and set the ambiance, and guests would not even know they were an affordable measure.

Add greenery

Have a lot of greenery in the arrangement or go for a green table floral runner. Having new flowers at your event or wedding does not mean you need twenty flowers in a centerpiece to make it look amazing deals. Go for extra greenery and smaller number of buds in your centerpieces will keep the expense down while still permitting your collections to look full and lush.

Go local with your flower choice

Similarly to picking out of season blooms, picking rare ranges of flowers that need to be delivered from across seas have a top price tag. Begin your meeting by asking your florist what domestic flower varieties you can consider for your blooms and you will quickly start to cut costs.

Avoid exotic flower varieties

Trust it or not, there is lots of issues when flowers. Most general blooms like dahlias and daisies are on the affordable side, while exotic flowers like orchids are most costly.

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