If you live in a remote place and still want to complete the course, then no worries; some institutes also provide online coaching for these kinds of practices. One of the most desired courses today is the CISM course, also known as the Certified Information Security Manager. CISM is a critical certification that is essential for information security professionals. They manage, design, oversee and do a lot of other stuff in enterprise information security. The CISM is a certification course that is very much closely aligned to ISACA’s best practices. It has managed to catch up with various necessities and the firms’ needs.

CISM certification is provided to you by ISACA, which broadly focuses on the enhancement of security facilities. CISM certification program will help you learn about the IT security systems of a particular area. Learning CISM will also help you develop and manage the enterprise information with a better security program. Not only that, CISM certification gives your career a boost by its extended learning. If you have a CISM certification, then you can quickly get your desired job anywhere you want. Having a CISM certificate states that you have a high standard of expert skills and high qualifications.

Steps to prepare for CISM examination-

Well, as CISM is a certification program, it is not going to be easy. It would be necessary to make a proper plan while preparing for it. Have an eye at the factors or pointers that you should follow while preparing for CISM.

  • Study plan– you should create a proper study plan suitable for you as per your schedule. Make sure that you completely follow the program without any interruptions. You should find the appropriate website that is ideal for you and has all kinds of information required to clear the CISM. Distribute your time as per your convenience between training courses and preparation materials.
  • Go through ISACA’s guidelines– ISACA issues candidate guideline book every single year with a lot of updated information. Ensure that you stay fully updated by all the procedures, rules, and regulations that ISACA makes to its candidates. The guide mainly contains all kinds of information related to examinations, such as how many questions will arrive, which criteria you need to answer, etc.
  • Join exam community– CISM has its exam study community for all the candidates sponsored by ISACA. There you can share and clear all of your doubts with the help of other candidates also. There are top candidates also present who are particularly assigned for clearing your doubts only. Overall it is the best place for the candidates to have more knowledge than usual.
  • Get prepared for the day– This is the most important day when all your hard work will be at play. Be fully prepared for the examinations. Keep the necessary tools with you for the study. Most people prefer to remain calm and composed during the period. It will prevent you from getting confused during the examination. Ensure to reach the examination center on time because the candidates are not allowed inside the examination center once they exceed the time limit.
  • Do practice papers– You can also solve as many practice essays as you can. It will enhance your ideas of what kind of question would come in the examination. It generally helps the candidates to boost their confidence for the main study.
  • Jobs for CISM- You will find varieties of the job after you have done CISM. Many famous brands like Amazon, IBM India, Flipkart, etc. provide job vacancies for the candidates who have done CISM. If you ponder about the salary ranges you can make after doing CISM, then let me tell you that you can earn 26 lakhs INR annually on average. Your package can start from 10 lakhs per annum and exceed up to 50 lakhs per annum, and that depends on the amount of performance you provide.


Completing CISM is one of the best things which a person can do in today’s generation. You can get a fascinating amount of money for the amount of hard work you have done. The future of CISM is very bright in India as well as abroad.

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