How to migrate your website from one shared web hosting provider to another?


You could find that you outgrow your current shared web hosting provider as your website expands. Although moving your website to a new host may seem difficult, with the correct planning and actions, it may go smoothly. Here we have got a complete and detailed explanation in terms of one-on-one steps on how to switch shared web hosting companies for your website. Keep reading to know more about the same.

Step 1: Select a new hosting provider

Selecting a new hosting company that fits your needs is the first step. Find a service that delivers the features you need, such as ample storage and bandwidth, an intuitive control interface, and strong security measures.

Step 2: Backup your website

It is essential to make a backup of your website files, databases, and emails before you begin the transfer process. You can utilize a plugin or other programme offered by your current hosting company as a backup. By doing this, you can be confident that no data will be lost throughout the migration process.

Step 3: Set up your new hosting account

Once you have chosen a new hosting provider, set up your account with them. This will involve creating a new account, selecting a plan that meets your needs, and setting up your domain.

Step 4: Transfer your website files

Transferring your website files from your old hosting company to your new one is the next step. An FTP client or cPanel can be used for this. Ensure that you transfer every website file, including documents, videos, and photographs.

Step 5: Import your database

You must import your website’s database into your new hosting company if it utilizes one. You may accomplish this by utilizing phpMyAdmin or another tool offered by your new hosting company. Ensure that the new database credentials are updated in the configuration files for your website.

Step 6: Test your website

Testing your website once the migration is finished is crucial to make sure everything is working properly. Verify that all pages, links, and forms are functioning properly. A website testing tool may also be used to look for mistakes or broken links.


It might seem intimidating to move your website from one shared web hosting provider to another, but with the correct planning and actions, it can go smoothly. Make sure you test your website completely, back up your website, move your website files and database and select a new hosting company that matches your demands.

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