Do you still smoke cigarettes? It is a shame that you cannot give up the nasty habit of smoking. Of course, you want to quit; that is the reason you are reading this article. But, you cannot seem to give up on the habit of smoking. No matter how many times you tried, you failed. The addiction is way too strong. You feel as if you are not in control anymore. In reality, nicotine addiction is quite strong, which makes you crave more. So, don’t beat yourself up for not being able to go cold turkey. It will take time to complete the process. Continue reading to find practical tips to help you quit smoking.

Avoid Triggers: When do you usually smoke? How many times do you smoke per day? These are vital questions and require thoughtful answers. If you smoke multiple times a day, it becomes a habit. And habits are hard to break. Therefore, be conscious of the way you smoke. Before you light up the cigarettes, ask yourself the reason for smoking. Once you find out the reason for your smoking, it will be easier for you to control the habit.

  • Stress of any kind is not good for your health. Usually, people smoke cigarettes due to stress. People often smoke to reduce stress levels and focus on their job. But, there are other ways to reduce stress in your life. Take time and actively eliminate or reduce the stress factors in your life. This will lead you to a happier and calmer life.
  • You might feel like smoking when people around you start smoking; it is a very common scenario. Ask your friends to be considerate and not smoke in front of you. You may also decide to leave to avoid temptation. Often you have a smoke room in the office. Be sure not to go into the smoke room to hang out with friends.

Try An Alternate Habit: whenever you feel stressed out, you reach for the pack of smoke. You have had this habit for years. So, it will be hard for you to let go of this habit at once. Therefore, instead of smoking nicotine cigarettes, you can use a vape pen, which is a much safer and synthetic option. You do not get the harmful smoke inside your lungs. Instead, vaping allows you to calm down instantly. The Millennials love vape pen as it does not harm their physical self. The vape pen atomizers help heat up the e-liquid and release smoke.

  • Purchase a fidget spinner and use it every time you feel like reaching for a pack of cigarettes. You may even install mobile games that you can play to get distracted.
  • Go for exercise when the craving hits you. Daily exercising will help reduce your stress level and release happy hormones in your body.
  • Some people keep a bunch of candies and chewing gum with them. They replace the nicotine high with a sugar spike. It is effective if you do not mind eating a lot of candy throughout the day. Eventually, when you do not crave cigarettes anymore, you can stop having candies altogether.

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