How to Get Fabulous Golden Corral Prices on a Tight Budget


If you’re looking for a great lunch buffet, dinner buffet or smokehouse meal, but you’re on a budget, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you get a delicious Golden Corral meal at a price you can afford.

Breakfast buffet prices

If you are looking for breakfast buffet prices at Golden Corral on a tight budget, you can still enjoy delicious food and a pleasant experience. The restaurant offers a wide selection of dishes, including American staples. You can also order meals online or at the restaurant.

Among the dishes you can choose from are fried chicken, meatloaf, sausage, bacon, buttermilk pancakes, and omelettes. These items are cooked fresh every day.

There are also desserts and beverages available. For children under three, the menu is free. Children are also offered discounts.

There are various types of holiday meals. Some are for family meals while others are meant for individuals. Several locations offer a glazed ham meal and a turkey meal.

In addition to its all-you-can-eat buffet, golden corral prices also offers special holiday meals. Its holiday menu includes a glazed ham and turkey meal, whole roasted turkey, and holiday dessert.

Lunch buffet prices

Golden Corral is a family-friendly restaurant with a large menu of food options. The menu includes popular American classics, like burgers and steaks. Also available are seafood and other nutritious dishes.

Golden Corral is one of the largest buffet-style restaurant chains in the United States. It has a total of over 500 restaurants, including branches in 43 states and Puerto Rico.

The company’s headquarters are located in Raleigh, North Carolina. In addition to its regular buffets, Golden Corral also offers specialty brunches and catering services. A few of its popular dishes include fried chicken, pot roast, and meatloaf.

Although Golden Corral’s prices may vary by location, the menu is fairly consistent. You can get an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet for around $8.79 or an all-you-can-eat dinner buffet for $9.99.

Dinner buffet prices

If you are looking for a good buffet experience on a budget, you might be interested in Golden Corral. The restaurant’s prices vary depending on location and the time of day.

For example, the dinner buffet at Golden Corral is cheaper on weekdays than on weekends. It can also be more expensive in larger cities. However, it’s a popular restaurant with families. Besides its excellent food, Golden Corral has a nice atmosphere.

Generally, Golden Corral’s prices aren’t very high, especially considering the quality of the foods. The restaurant offers good food and huge portions. You’ll find plenty of dishes to choose from, including classics like fried chicken, pot roast, and mashed potatoes. There are also a variety of sides.

A typical buffet meal will cost about $12 for four people, or about $15 for six. Desserts can be more expensive.

Allergen guide

If you are in the market for a good meal, you may want to consider visiting the Golden Corral. The food is of a quality you would expect from a restaurant with a national reputation, and the prices are fair. You can choose from breakfast, lunch, dinner or a combination of the three. A buffet-style dining experience is also available. However, you will want to plan your visit well in advance if you have a special diet or dietary restrictions.

The company’s website has a plethora of information on the menu, from which to make your decision. They also have a dedicated gluten free section in their buffet line. Whether you have a food allergy or just need to know what’s on the menu before you venture out, you can rest assured that the staff at your nearest location will be more than happy to oblige.

Smokehouse menu

If you’re in need of great Golden Corral prices, you’re in luck. In fact, the restaurant has a wide selection of menu items that can fit any budget. You’ll find a plethora of fried fish, seafood, and poultry dishes, as well as burgers and a build-your-own salad bar.

Prices at the buffet will vary based on the location, but in general, the breakfast meal will cost $4.99, and the lunch and dinner menu will run $7.99. On weekends, the buffet is only 6.99, and the kids’ menu is free.

In addition to the menu, Golden Corral offers a Smokehouse menu that includes smoked carved baby back ribs, smoked pork barbecue, and a slow-cooked smoked brisket. For dessert, you can enjoy a carrot cake.


The restaurant also has a dedicated gluten-free section in the buffet line. Golden Corral is committed to providing a safe and healthy eating environment, so they will work with guests with food allergies to ensure that they can get their favorites without worry.

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