How to Display Your Products or Services through Table Runners in Business Events?

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Your table runners can be used for branding your business and can effectively use in events and trade shows in which hundreds of people are attending. Visual logos and branding attract more customers and is also easier than social media or the words-of–mouth. Here are some of the branding tips that will help you in using customized table runners for your business promotions.

Printed Logos

Your logos should look good from all sides, which mean, it should appear great from the right, the left, and the front sides. The whole printing area of the table runners should be about 6 ft wide and 2 ft tall.  For larger tables, 8 ft wide and 2 ft tall table runners can be used. When you are trying to create brand recognition for your business, promotional table runners with printed logos will be very effective.

Color of the Table Runner

Selecting the right color of your table runner is very essential.  For avoiding the camouflaged issues of the colors, it is always recommended that you contrast the background colors with the logos. When you use a lighter version for the background, bright logos are recommended. On the other hand, when you are using brighter background, dull-colored logos are to be used. Many logos work well with the contrast of black and white. When you are using the background as jet black or plain white, any color of logos can be matched with them.

Domain Name

As soon as you have attracted several people with your logo with the custom table runner, consider including the name of your domain in your printed table runner. You should avoid the styles of the fonts which are difficult to read. You can try the bold and thick styles that can pop out in the middle of a huge crowd. Thin and soft letters are very difficult in reading from the far and will get lost within the crowd.

Branding Through Table Runners

You should use the same color theme throughout all your branding signage. This will help your customers for memorizing your brand easily. Your logos should spread through different mediums for increasing the brand awareness. Branded table runners can create a new look to your business that adds an excellent brand packaging. Your table runners should hold the same color theme with your website or the t-shirt logos for creating the business identities.

Use Your Tagline

Words of your tagline in combination with the bright colors of your logos can add value to your business promotion. Table runners can help in creating the visual awareness with the catchy phrase that helps in bonding relationships with your existing or potential customers.


Custom table runners can be used with different options in business events and trade shows. You should use printed logos and domain names for creating visual awareness among the public. When you use a catchy tagline in your table runner, your business promotion adds an edge. Make sure you are using the right colors for creating the right moods for your target customers.

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