How Social Media Analytics is Used to Guide Marketing Campaigns


Social media analytics provides insights into target audience behavior that influences marketing decisions. It provides the reports you need to make informed advertising campaigns and foster relationships with current customers.

How Social Media Analytics Works

Artificial intelligence is used to collect online conversations, and it translates from any native language into yours using natural language processing. You receive the latest updates in real time, and you can have all notifications sent to your favorite device – even your smartphone.

Purposes of Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics is used to gather data from websites where people engage socially online. The primary purpose is to extract comment, clickthrough, sharing or other target audience activity. As you collect this information, it reveals the paths taken by customers who make a purchase from you. You can use this data to make the most of your advertising dollars and nurture current customer relationships.

Social Media Analysis for Reputation Management

Reputation Facebook ad management is a method of making sure a company remains in a positive light. Gathering social media statistics will help you monitor online conversations in real time, and this includes finding out the sources of any complaints people have against your brand. In some cases, you can use social media analytic tools to resolve all public disputes and turn negative customer experiences into positive ones.

When managing your brand’s reputation, analyzing online social activity also provides insights onto what news topics your target audience most want to see. This will provide you ideas for writing press releases that connect your brand to current events. For instance, you might want to tell your customers the local charity events you are involved with that you know they would care about.

When to Use Social Media Analytics

A variety of instances involve the use of social media analytic tools. One of the most common is for a new product launch, which works hand in hand with planning a campaign strategy. In both cases, the goal is to create more revenue by optimizing both your products and your campaigns.

In addition to staying on top of current trends, you also can gain technological advantages and observe your competition. All this takes place while managing any crisis you encounter and prevent brand damage. In addition, staying relevant to your target audience’s interests will help you establish your own corporate image that is unique to all your competitors. During this process, you will find a way to tell your brand story in a way that sets you apart from companies who provide similar products and services.

As you prepare for future product or service launches, the analytic data you gather will also help you tailor your offerings to specific niches. This happens as you gather demographic information about the people who show interest in and buy what you are selling.

NetBase Quid AI-Based Analytics

NetBase Quid provides all the social media intelligence tools you need for customer analytics. This includes using data collection tools that reveal current business trends and connects you with customers.

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