How Routine LIVPURE RO Service in Delhi Can Improve the Unit’s Life?


Water is every living being’s basic necessity without which they cannot survive. Owing to a massive increase in pollution in water bodies followed by poorly-maintained and old distribution pipelines across the country, the chances of diseases are always high.

This demands the need for Livpure RO service in Nagpur. Water purifiers perform the basic purification process of eliminating harmful contaminants from the water. To increase the unit’s lifespan and optimize its efficiency, you must consider RO servicing regularly.

Regular Servicing of Livpure RO Water Purifiers and Why?

First things first, you have to schedule servicing for your Livpure RO water purifiers to save unnecessary downtime. Routine servicing of the Livpure water purifiers also ensures it is functioning properly. Also, you only have to have been dependent on professionals for the job, since accessing the components from the unit is challenging. An experienced technician can ensure the parts are accessed safely without damaging the unit.

Periodic Changing Service for RO Membranes, Carbon Filters and Sediment Filters

All the residential water purifiers including those belonging to Livpure are built on advanced technology. They also come with different components including disinfection kits, UV lamps, membranes, carbon filters and sediment filters all of which need periodic replacement based on the use of water, water quality and lifespan.

UV Lamp:

The UV lamp carries out the core disinfection procedure inside the water purifier. No wonder, why you must consider changing them after they have performed for 6000 hours. The average lifespan of every UV lamp is 6000 hours.

Sediment Filter:

The average life cycle of sediment filters inside the water purifier varies between 6-12 months. However, its lifespan depends on various factors like suspended physical impurities present in the water.

Activated Carbon Filter:

The activated carbon filter’s average life span is 6-12 months. However, its lifespan depends on the manufactured-specified input water, organic impurities and life that moves through the filter.

RO Membrane:

The RO membranes’ life cycle is 1-2 years. The life cycle of the membranes is affected by the water quality and water volume. Other factors that determine the life-cycle of RO membranes are the unit’s design and its pre-filters.

The life-cycle mentioned above is susceptible to change based on the products and the company. But whatever it is, you must run a check into the filter despite the manufacturer-mentioned life-span. If you see a change in the water’s taste, colour or even in their smell, then you must assign a servicing for them.

Don’t Overlook the Leakages or Drips

If you have come across leakage in your water purifier, don’t try and overlook it at any cost. Contact a RO service in Nagpur immediately and schedule a servicing from them. Also, ensure that you have taken the necessary steps to seal and take care of the leakage to prevent it from getting worse.

Keep up with Yearly Servicing from a Professional Team

It isn’t easy to maintain your water purifiers at home by yourself, owing to your busy schedule. This is why it is best to fix an appointment with the Livpure service team. Just ensure to select the right team which can offer the best options.

Only the professional servicing team engaged in offering Livpure RO servicing can offer flexibility as per customer’s convenience besides having the expertise to cater to a vast range of concerns related to Livpure water purifiers.

Don’t Miss the Right Time to Schedule Livpure RO Services

Livpure RO water purifier needs servicing on time, missing one which can have bad impacts on the unit’s life-cycle and the water quality. Regular servicing proves beneficial in maintaining the quality of your water purifier. Not doing the servicing on time can result in significant malfunctioning’s like unpleasant odour and poor water yield.

What Happens When You Don’t Consider Livpure RO Water Purifier Servicing?

Livpure RO water purifier service is of utmost importance especially if you are concerned about the water quality of your drinking water and your family’s health. Not considering servicing mans the filter will get clogged with repetitive use and gradually become less effective. This will compromise with your water quality.

Once you start adhering to all of these tips, you can keep up with an efficiently-working Livpure water purifier, resulting in its optimum performance. It doesn’t matter what model Livpure water purifier you choose, maintaining them from time to time plays a significant role in their effectiveness.

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