How does one get a psychologist spouse to agree to couples therapy?


Married couples need marriage counseling when intimacy is stuck and they need to sort out things to strengthen their relationship.

Couples counseling is another term for marriage counseling. It gives an opportunity to improve intimacy and communication between married couples by gaining insights into their relationships, resolving conflicts, and improving relationship satisfaction. When the relationship with your spouse becomes shaky, couples counseling can save your marriage.

Counseling sessions help to build communication skills, solve problems and identify relationship responsibilities. When couples face problems in their relationship and cannot figure out the root of the conflicts, it is a sign to approach a marriage counselor. The counselor helps you to bridge the gap in your relationship.

Signs that show you need counseling

  • Arguing or fighting over the same thing again and again
  • Poor communication with your spouse
  • Feeling distant from your spouse
  • Having trouble making decisions together
  • Feeling that you are not getting enough affection
  • Considering a divorce
  • A desire to improve your relationship

Choosing couples counseling

When you realize things are going wrong in your marriage, you may feel overwhelmed. This may happen even when your spouse is a psychologist. It becomes a bigger problem when your psychologist spouse disagrees to join you in couples counseling.

Your spouse is not ready to accept that there is a problem in the relationship. Now you face the challenge of speaking to your spouse about why you want to meet a marriage counselor. Never force your spouse to do anything. The only thing you can do is to address the concerns in a win-win approach.

How to make your psychologist spouse agree to seek counseling?

Tell your spouse that you don’t want to play the blame game but only desire to improve the relationship. Make your spouse understand that you have done your best to make things better and when it didn’t happen, you want couples counseling.

Let your spouse know you value the relationship and are looking for ways to get things back on track. Find out if your spouse will be comfortable with any specific type of marriage counseling to feel comfortable.

Benefits of marriage counseling

Relationships are challenging, and counseling helps you to clarify your feelings about the relationship with your spouse. Arguing with your spouse weakens your relationship further. Couples counseling helps to resolve these roadblocks before it becomes too late.

If you and your spouse did not feel like expressing your intimacy to each other, counseling makes you and your spouse open up and strengthen your bond. The intensity and the number of arguments will reduce after the counseling.

Counseling restores emotional and physical intimacy and builds a resilient relationship. Trust builds between you and your spouse, and you have a secure environment at home. Your counselor will provide you with practical solutions to improve your communications and solve problems in the future.

Does marriage counseling work?

Marriage counseling helps you to move through the struggles and endure as a couple. The number of counseling sessions depends upon the goals and needs you and your spouse have in mind. Your counselor does his best to help you achieve them.

Though marriage counseling is very promising, marriages require work and maintenance even after the counseling sessions. Even when your spouse is a psychologist, maintaining a successful marriage is hard, and it requires effort from you and your spouse. Couples counseling helps you to see things differently and to make the right decision to bring back the lost trust and intimacy.

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