How Can an Amazon Sales Estimator Help You Boost Your Monthly Amazon Sales?


In order to access your Amazon sales rank history, it is essential for you to have at least one Amazon sales estimator if you are a Fulfilled by Amazon seller.You can track the success of your rival byusing an Amazon sales estimator, since it shows you the number of units that they sell on average. You can figure out the amount of units that you must sell, in order to improve your Amazon monthly salesand become the market leader.

As a Fulfilled by Amazon seller, you must grasp the significance of your sales rank on Amazon and how it may benefit or harm your business. The Amazon sales rank allows you to compare a product’s sales to those of other goods in the same category – every product in a category has a sales rank.

BSR or Amazon Best Sellers Rank, or the rank of your product in relation to all other items in a certain category, is a solid predictor of how well a product will sell on Amazon. For instance, if your BSR is 7, your product is ranked 7th, indicating that there are six goods in the category with a higher sales speed than yours.However, in case your item is selling well enough, in its category it needs to be ranked 5th.

How Your Monthly Amazon Sales Can Be Improved by an Amazon Sales Estimator?

Amazon has 1.9 million eCommerce sellers active globally, selling billions of things, and so – competition is fierce. A little healthy competition is good, but not if you are an Amazon vendor. This is because if the item of a competitor ranks higher than your product, you will lose clients and sales.

An accurate prediction of sales data is one of the most crucial pieces of data you will need, since it can help you determine:

  • The amount of inventory that you should buy,
  • At what intervals should you purchase
  • The amount of profit you can generate from a specific product.

You may predict product sales by cross-referencing open-source data with proprietary insights by combining product sales signals from many data suppliers, including real-time transactional data. The finest Amazon monthly salesestimators constantly develop their mathematical algorithms and models, using actual transactional data and validate projections using concrete facts.

This allows you to make better sourcing selections by:

  • Knowing the market for each product you are supplied;
  • Discoveringwhich items are popular overseas;
  • Loweringthe risk of expanding worldwide; and
  • Raisingyour sales volume by researching your competitors and refining your pricing strategy.


It is critical for you to stay up to date on recent market changes on Amazon’s marketplaces, watch your competition, and analyze new market prospects throughout your Amazon seller journey.

Although these duties used to be time-consuming and onerous, an Amazon sales estimator makes it simple for Amazon sellers to accomplish chores. It can provide data-driven insights about competition on Amazon marketplaces across the world. This allows your personnel to focus on more critical activities while also allowing you to evaluate new market prospects and, eventually, enhance revenue.

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