How AI enable voice in multiple languages?

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Using cross-lingual adaptation, AI voices can be used to produce voices in different languages. It means that a text will not just be available to you in English but in Spanish, French, Italian, British, Mandarin, and many other languages.

With developers of Alexa, voice-supported apps, and websites planning to seek global exposure, they look forward to adopting a regional voice for their services.

Know about language localization

Language localization is a way to adapt your podcasts, e-learning materials, blog posts, and other audio content to a specific location or culture. It is often confused with translation.

Localization is about adapting to the regional language and making your content available in the native language without any problem.

AI voice generation handles the issue. Can you imagine your blog post being read in Mandarin, even when you don’t know what the language is? This is where voice AI platform comes into play.

Using technology, you can give voice to your e-learning material, podcasts, and blog post in any native language.

  • Hiring voiceover actors

The cost of voice actors is high, and they may take around $40-80 for 100 words for different languages. With, you no longer have to bear this cost. If you want to convert a written text into German, you must copy-paste the text you want to convert, select the language and voice of your choice, and you’re done.

If you need any enhancements, you can preview the voice and make changes accordingly before getting the final result.

  • Voice quality

The best thing is that the AI voice sounds so natural and human-like that it may be tough to differentiate. The automated voices can be greatly recommended to create voiceovers for commercials and radios in multiple languages with complete naturalness, comprehensibility, and intelligence.

  • Minimal turnaround time

While you may need days to convert a specific text into multiple languages using humans, with, the process is quite simple. You will complete the task within minutes. There is no need to wait for hours or days for the recording.

  • Find the right voice and accent

With more than 832 voices in 132 languages, you can find the most suitable voice for your text in no time. You don’t have to conduct auditions to listen to humans and pick an accent. offers the best voice with perfect accent and pronunciation in the native tone. You need to pick the right voice, and you’re good to go.

  • Languages

AI voice gives you the flexibility to create audio in a language of your preference. You no longer have to look at the translation software to do it for you. Just use the AI voice, select your language, and you can create multiple audio translations of your text, saving big time and money looking for translators.

Though AI voices may not yet reach the stage of a real voice actor, they are a perfect way to generate voice in multiple languages and catch up to sound like real humans, if not better.

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