Great Bike Trails for Long Island Families


If you haven’t had a holiday in a long time, why not tune up your bike and arrange a family bike ride? It is an excellent way to see the outdoors, have a fun family activity, and catch a breath of fresh air. Wondering where to leave your belongings while out on a bike ride? Worry no more. Luggage storage NYC will keep them safe for you while you bike around Long Island bag free and hassle-free. Walk along with one of the paved roads or boardwalks for a relaxing and pleasurable trip. Trying out something adventurers can provide physical benefits and refreshes oneself mentally too.

Let’s look at the best family-friendly trails on Long Island and get a sense of the ambiance. Long Island offers enthralling scenic beauty. Biking is the most significant way to see it because it allows you to obtain a magnificent visualization of the place quickly and safely. Depending on the terrain, you can make pre-planned preparations since a first-aid kit may be required in some sections. Check out the following great bike trails for further information:

1. Belmont Lake State Park

Belmont Lake State Park, located near West Babylon, is a 463-acre day-use park including Carll’s Creek and Belmont Lake. This trail wraps around Belmont Lake and is maintained by the property’s bred horses. The visual splendor is breathtaking, and you may spend your time on the playground or rent a pedal boat. The paths are surrounded by grassy lawns, trees, and other plants.

2. New York State Bicycle Route 25

It is a route that connects the EPCAL bike path and bisects or divides Riverhead and Aquebogue. Biking the North Fork of Long Island is a fascinating experience since it allows you to explore the lakes and oceans in a simple, safe, and enthralling method. If you want to spend quality time while visualizing the splendid beauty of nature, you can choose this trail for family biking.

3. Jones Beach Bike Path

This is one of Long Island’s most well-known cycling trails. It runs adjacent to the Wantagh State Parkway without crossing it and provides a lovely environment for inline skaters, joggers, and cyclists. It’s a fantastic area for bikers and pedestrians to have a pleasant day out.

4. Cathedral Pines County Park

It is located along the Carmans River in the island’s center and has an enticing view. This is the best place for mountain bikers to start their journey along the track. This trail’s most attractive characteristic is that it offers accessible alternatives for beginners and advanced mountain bikers.

5. Eisenhower Park

Eisenhower Park is a beautiful spot to bring your family and children to activities other than biking. There is a large open area and a 10-mile bike trailing the ground, and it’s even linked to several different parking lots. You’ll find a lake, golf course, baseball fields, playgrounds, and other sports like jogging, biking, and windsurfing, all of which are suited for people of all ability levels.

6. Valley Stream State Park

The two-mile level paved loop allows riders to enjoy a relaxing ride with their entire family. This alternative is preferable if you also wish to meet the Hendrickson park trail, and it could be an enthralling way to extend your bike journey here.

7. Riverfront trail

With a half-mile ride, you can have a fantastic ride. This beautiful boardwalk trail leads to the Peconic River, the Long Island Aquarium, and downtown Riverhead. You can spend the pleasure of your life here with your family, reminiscing about your travels while adding a healthy twist

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