Right from choosing a modern sofa set to aesthetic wall hangings, paintings, and textured paints, everyone loves to embellish their home. Many people also love to add unique and antique decorative pieces to give their homes a distinctive and exclusive look.

Nonetheless, as tempting as it is to assemble everything unique for your home, it may be equally strenuous to maintain everything in its original condition, especially your sofa set. Sometimes, it gets overwhelming to clean, and maintain your sofa set. However, if you want to enhance the interior of your house and maintain the same for a long period of time, it is paramount to keep your sofa set clean, tidy, and well-maintained. You can follow a few simple tips to maintain your sofa set in its original condition-

  • Choose the Right Place

The way you position your sofa set at home plays a significant role in its maintenance. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the right place for a sofa set in your house.

To begin with, ensure placing sofa set where there is no direct sunlight exposure or no direct window. This would prevent it from possible color fading, extra dust accumulation, and unexpected wear and tear.

  • Comprehend Cleaning Guidelines

To maintain and keep your sofa set in its original condition,  it is paramount to use the right cleaning methods. For instance, if your sofa is made of a specific material or has removable coveralls, you can follow a proper methodology for cleaning your sofa set.

To know this, one can check the care label on sofas and follow the same to properly clean sofa sets with utmost care; without harming the material, and quality of sofas.

  • Take Immediate Action to Sudden Spillage

Sometimes, you get the sauce, gravies, or other types of hard-stained liquids spilled on sofas. These leave a hard stain that is difficult to remove. In such cases, immediate action can save the sofa set.

Quickly cover the stain with a washcloth or liquid stain remover for the sofa set. If needed and allowed, use mild detergents. For solid stains, one can also use a blunt knife. This would help you curb the intense damage. But, always know beforehand, what all you can do for removing hard stains on your specific type of sofa set. For example, using a knife is not recommended for all types of sofa sets.

  • Use the Right Methods for Your Sofa Set

Every type of sofa set is different. Depending on the type of sofa you own; leather, fabric, or any other type, it is advised to use different methods to clean, maintain, and keep them conserved. For instance, if you have a fabric sofa set with removable coveralls, ensure cleaning it with the right type of detergents, and liquids at home. Another maintenance hack for fabric sofa sets is to avoid keeping these in direct sunlight.

Conclusively, it is necessary to follow the right method to keep your sofa set’s original condition intact.

Get a Sofa Set That’s Easy to Maintain!

Maintaining a few types of sofa sets can be daunting and cumbersome. Moreover, sometimes keeping in check the routine cleaning sessions, maintenance guidelines may also become tedious. Therefore, it is preferable to invest in a sofa set that is easy to maintain and comes with a warranty.

Sofa sets that are easy to maintain generally come with a warranty of a couple of years, making it an ideal solution. Such sofa sets can be bought from top brands such as Duroflex from both online as well as retail outlets. To further ease the process of maintaining sofa sets, one can opt for sofas with a removable cover cloth that can be washed and rinsed regularly without much of a hassle.


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