Gift Hampers for your special lady


Gift-giving is a tradition that is as old as we can remember, to express your appreciation and emotions towards those who matter the most. Gifts are often seen as more than just materialistic items; they are  a token of love, an expression to show much you care and know a person, and when it comes to your one and only lady love, then you need something exceptionally unique to show how well you know her and how much you appreciate her presence, But sometimes it is extremely difficult to come up with new and unique ideas, for every occasion, that is when gift hampers come into the picture. Gift hampers are basically a bunch of similar presents in a pretty box or basket, there are plenty of gift stores offering a variety of options. or you can also assemble your own hamper. The best part is you don’t have to think much about the gift, and you can reuse the idea as every hamper is unique in itself. So here is a list of all the cool and appealing gift hampers that you can present to your sweetheart.

A Special Spa Basket

It’s not a secret that women love being pampered; working hard every day while fighting gender roles and patriarchal society is not something easy, so she does deserve that much-needed break. Keeping that in mind, get her a fantastic spa gift hamper that includes everything: fragrant body oil, body wash, a soft loofah, bubble bath, body spray, bath salts, bath bombs, scented candles etc. A luxurious bathing experience for her will also show that you care about her well being and mental peace.

A Hamper full of Fragrance and Taste

A hamper that consists of exotic flowers and chocolate is the best present ever, especially if you are looking for a gift for Valentine’s day. You can get a beautiful flower arrangement of her favourite flowers and include all of her favourite chocolates into the mix; she will swoon over the flowers while gushing over how thoughtful and awesome you are.

The Fitness Hamper

If your special girl is one of the fitness fanatics, then this hamper is a must for her, in which you can include all the useful things for her such as weight protein bars, fitness bands, workout clothes, resistance bands, yoga mat, among others. Anyone who loves taking care of their body will adore the thoughtful gesture.

Gourmet Nuts Hamper

Dry fruits and nuts are great for health and are considered lucky as a gift. Gift her love, luck and health with a huge tray or basket full of crunchy and tasty nuts. You can add roasted almonds, salted cashews, raisins, pistachios, walnuts or any other kind of nuts she prefers into the hamper, or you can buy any ready to take hamper from any famous gift shop or website.

A Wanderer Hamper

If your girl is a certified traveller, then nothing will please her more than a traveller hamper. A whole hamper that includes all the travelling essentials like a travel pouch, a passport cover, a compass, a travel diary, a unique travel jacket and other essentials like perfume etc., in travel size, just give this one hamper a chance and I assure you, you will not regret the decision.

A Wine and treats Combo

If you and your lady enjoy a good classy wine from time to time, then you should consider getting a hamper that consists of wine. This hamper can be found easily online and includes a particular wine with some tasty treats such as chocolate desserts, cookies, roasted and chocolate-coated nuts, and pastries etc. Here you can buy preserved flowers at flowercart at cheap rate.

A Skin Care Hamper

It is a very thoughtful present if selected in the right way. Skin care products are very personal and must be bought with utmost precaution. So get this hamper only if you know her preferences and her skin type really well, or you are sure that the products will not harm her skin in any way, so it’s better to go with organic and natural brands. You will find face masks, face scrubs, serum, sunscreen, face wash, eye cream etc., in the hamper, again, you can either buy an already packed and designed hamper, or you can personally make one for her. click here for special wedding favours.

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