Factors to Consider While Buying The INFY 6000 Puff


The INFY 6000 disposable PUFF has a lovely, hefty stick form that fits in your palm. Smokey, clear, and excellent all day. There are ten mouthwatering new flavours. Additionally, it has a Cotton Coil 1.4ohm coil type, which makes the fragrance clearer and sweeter than the typical disposable pods on the market. The 550mAh battery comes with a Type-C charging hole, can be fully charged within 20 minutes, with a 10 ml liquid capacity, with a nicotine concentration of 3% (Nic30), is complete, and can smoke up to infy 6000 puff, compared to 300 cigarettes.

E-liquid volume

The bigger the disposable puff tank, the more puffs it can produce. When purchasing a single-use vape with a larger tank, you may anticipate a larger total product and battery because the pod capacity of disposable puffs varies from 2mL to 10mL. If you cannot obtain the tank’s size, you might look at the expected number of puffs.

The amount of nicotine in the disposable vaporizer

There are a few factors you should take into account when determining the nicotine content of your disposable puff. The first is that many vapers prefer to purchase their devices without nicotine. It is because vaping is much healthier than smoking, and you can still enjoy the flavour without having any of the effects of smoking.

Depending on how much vaping or smoking you’ve done in the past, several nicotine levels are available if you want some nicotine in your infy 6000 puff. These levels will give you more or less of a kick.


You should most obviously take price into account when selecting a throwaway. However, what matters is what you receive for the money, not the price itself. For instance, a disposable may cost $19.99, but if it comes pre filled with 16 ml of juice, is rechargeable, and can last you more than 6500 puffs, it is a better value for the money than a disposable that costs $7.99 and comes with 2 ml of juice, which will last 400 puffs. The best example of an inexpensive disposable that brings good value for your money is the IC8000. It gets only $12 and comes prefilled with 18 ml of juice and lasts for 8000+ puffs.


Your vape’s power supply gets included in it. Your puff wouldn’t work as well without it. Once the battery dies, your disposable puff won’t let you take any more puffs. It implies that the number of puffs your puff can produce depends on its battery. You can’t charge the battery for the majority of disposable vapes. It implies that the vape is over if the battery dies before you can complete it. Additionally, it gets carried out in a way that ensures the puff fluid will get used up before the battery expires.


Thanks to its innovative technology, the 6000 Puff Disposable puff is a fantastic product that distinguishes it from competitors. It delivers incredible puffs per charge to superb vapour production and flavour. The disposable puff is portable because of its lightweight construction.

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