Japan is a country rich in culture and nature, and one of the most memorable experiences you can have in this beautiful country is observing Japanese macaques in their natural habitat. Plus, what could be better than combining this adventure with a delicious sukiyaki lunch? In this article, we will take you on a day trip to see Japanese macaques in their natural environment and enjoy succulent sukiyaki that will delight your taste buds.

Japanese Macaques at Jigokudani

Japanese macaques, known as “snow macaques” or “red-tailed macaques” (Macaca fuscata), are native to Japan and are known for their ability to survive in cold climates, which makes them particularly interesting. One of the most emblematic places to observe these fascinating animals is the Jigokudani National Park, in the mountainous region of Nagano.

This park is famous for its natural hot spring pool, which attracts macaques seeking warmth and relaxation. In winter, when snow covers the landscape, seeing the macaques immersed in the hot springs is an unforgettable image.

The Macaque Observatory Experience

Your day trip begins with a trip to Jigokudani, which translates to “Hell Valley” due to its mysterious and vaporous appearance. Don’t worry though, the natural beauty and uniqueness of this place will leave you in awe rather than in awe.

The macaque observatory is a strategically located place in the park, where visitors can observe the macaques in their natural habitat without disturbing them. From here, you will be able to take incredible photographs and admire the social interaction and behavior of these intelligent primates.

Sukiyaki Lunch: A Gastronomic Delight

After an exciting morning of macaque watching, you’ll head to a local restaurant to enjoy a sukiyaki lunch. Sukiyaki is a popular Japanese dish characterized by its sumptuous preparation. These are thin slices of meat, usually beef, cooked in a sweet broth based on soy sauce, sugar and mirin. Sukiyaki is cooked with fresh vegetables, tofu and udon noodles, and is a delicious dining experience.

This dish is typically served on a hot griddle at the table, allowing diners to cook their own food to their liking. Sukiyaki is a tasty comfort food that fits perfectly into a day of exploration and adventure.


A day trip to see Japanese macaques and enjoy a sukiyaki lunch is an unforgettable experience that combines the natural beauty and culinary culture of Japan. From spotting macaques in their natural habitat at Jigokudani to the delight of savoring sukiyaki, this adventure will provide you with lasting memories and a deeper understanding of the diversity Japan has to offer. Get ready for a day full of amazement and delights for the senses!


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