Electrical Safety Tips From an Electrician 


Have you ever toured a home in hopes to purchase one? Or maybe you are living in an old house and not certain about what is behind the walls? Maybe you are trying to install wiring but it may be your first time. Here are some tips to be sure to look out for that every electrician knows and would encourage you to look out for as well.

GFI (Ground Fault Interceptor)

All new homes are required to have a GFI also known as a Ground Fault Interceptor or residual-current circuit breaker. If your home is an older home, say built in the 60’s or older, your home most likely will not have this. GFI’s did not become required in homes until 1971. If your home does not have a GFI, it is very important that you should get one. This is one of the most important things you can do to keep your home safe and to keep yourself from becoming electrocuted or starting a fire. Do not use power tools or Electrical Spark Solutions equipment in wet conditions or damp areas unless connected to a GFI. In order to know whether you have one or not, you can look at the outlets that would be near water, most likely in the bathroom. There will be a button on your outlet that will not be on other outlets in your home. What this GFI does will quickly break an electrical circuit and stop the power if it were to become interacted with water. It is very important to have this to reduce serious harm due to electrical shock. If your home is lacking one of these important devices, it would be wise to seek out Idaho Falls Electrician to get you set up properly and safely. 

Circuit Overload

During Christmas time, people love to decorate with lights! This is great, however it is important to be cautious in not overloading circuits, especially near water. The simplest way to make sure you are not overloading circuits is to make sure you are not directing all your plugs and cords into one big extension cord or outlet. Try to route your plugs to multiple outlets. Especially for outdoor lights, try to find an outlet that has a cover and can be kept away from puddles or places you might find water. Circuit overloads can result in fires. From installing uninterruptible power supplies to protect your PCs to exploring options for improving energy efficiency in the workplace, our Hunter Valley electrician can aid your business in many ways.

Old Cords and Exposed Wires

This one sounds obvious, but sometimes we can be in a hurry and not notice that our cord has become so used that it is now exposing wires. Take a few seconds to examine any cords or outlets you may be using and make sure that they are in good condition before plugging in. If using a three pronged plug, check the plug to make sure the third prong is not broken off. Do not tie cords into knots, as this can damage the cords and cause shocks or shorts. Taping extension cords to walls and floors is a safe practice to help people not trip and to also keep your cords in good condition and avoid exposed wires. When you are unplugging something, make sure you grab it by the plug and avoid jerking the cord. If you notice your outlet looks blackened, do not use it and replace it as soon as possible. This means that there is a short in the circuit and is dangerous. 

Why Is Hiring an Idaho Falls Electrician Important?

When you hire an electrician, you are ensuring that safety protocols will be taken as well as the job will be done properly. Electricity is all around us and helps to make our everyday lives so much more simple. However if we are careless, we can easily become severely injured by burns or electrocution that could even result in death. Making sure to use these simple practices, we can keep ourselves safe as well as our homes, families and neighborhoods. Although death is less likely, house fires from electricity are not uncommon and are devastating. Electrical failures or malfunctions contributed to 4 out of 5 housefires that involved electrical distribution or lighting equipment and is more common in the winter. 

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