Living in Australia, you have ample places to go for a lovely day at the beach. Planning a beach picnic with your family on a sunny Sunday morning is the best way to enjoy your weekend. Cable Beach, Whitehaven Beach, Byron Bay, Wineglass Bay, and a few other sites are a must-visit for any Australian or tourist.

If you love spending time on a beach as most Aussies do, it is essential to make a note of all the necessary items that you must carry in your beach bag like good quality beach blankets, SPF cream, a pop-up tent, a first aid kit, refreshments, an umbrella and a beach towel.These are some beach essentials that everyone should have without which your beach bag is incomplete.

While some people prefer to sit by the sea gazing at the water and sunbathe, others like to surf, swim in the water. Whatever may be one’s preference, it is a known fact that sand absorbs heat, and without a beach blanket or mat, it is nearly impossible to sit or lie down on the sand.

A beach blanket serves many purposes beyond the utility purview of a normal blanket, making it an essential item for you to carry to the beach. A beach can be a chaotic place with hot sand with tiny organisms and pathogens that can cause an itching reaction, spread out all over the place. To make your beach experience as enjoyable and comfortable as possible, it is important to be prepared to guard yourself against the sand. While oils and powders are great for this purpose, a good beach blanket is an equally important tool for optimum protection. This article will help you learn about various types of beach blankets to choose from for your next beach day.

What is a beach blanket, and how is it different from a regular blanket?

A beach blanket is similar to an ordinary blanket that you might use to put on the grass to protect yourself from insects. It is made of a thin absorbent material used to protect your belongings and your skin from getting in direct contact with the sand.The best thing about a beach blanket is that it is very light in weight and can quickly dry itself to become handy to carry.

Types of beach blankets you can find online

1. Sand Resistant

The most popular and most purchased beach blanket is the sand-resistant beach blanket. It is famous for being lightweight, thin, and manageable. Being sand resistant, it does not allow sand to get in the pores of its fabric. It is made with nylon and is one of the best and most durable beach blankets.

2. A beach towel

A multipurpose beach product that is everyone’s go-to for any outdoor activity surrounded by water is a beach towel. It is larger in comparison to an ordinary bath towel. So, it can be used to drape oneself after a dive in the water. It can also be put on surfaces to serve as a beach blanket while also absorbing moisture from your body.

3. Turkish towels

Another popular and a hit beach blanket is the Turkish towel. It is made of 100% Turkish cotton, making it lightweight, durable, highly absorbent, and extremely handy. You can find Turkish towels in unique colours and prints, which is why they are extremely popular with youth and beach lovers.

There are numerous options to choose from in terms of good beach blankets or spreads. Keeping in mind the necessity of protecting oneself from the highly salty sand on a beach, it is good to pick the best-suited beach blanket.


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