The Desert Safari Tour is either held in Dubai or Abu Dhabi; both are exciting and adventurous. UAE is also considered one of the best places for travel and tour. The United Arab Emirates brings many unique and charming things and Arab tradition and culture. Besides this, there is a modern lifestyle too. In this way, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the primary places for tourists.

Desert Safari:

Among both of these, the most affordable tour places for tourists in Abu Dhabi offer Desert Safari Dubai tours that are not more common. It is a fact and good to know that the services and packages of desert safaris are closely similar. Where Dubai desert safari is famous, at the same time, Abu Dhabi desert safari also shines in its way. The glance and charm of both destinations amaze the human eye.

Features of the Abu Dhabi And Dubai Desert Safari:

There are too many features of the Abu Dhabi desert safari but the main features that attract the most include:

  • Excellent guide support
  • Tour service quality
  • Multiple desert adventures
  • Pocket-friendly packages
  • Flexible time management

Service Quality of the Tours:

If you experience both of the place’s safaris, you will know and estimate your own. The Abu Dhabi desert safari is more advanced and adventurous than the Dubai trip. The entertainment, food, traditional dances, live music, and overall fun are superior and excellent in the case of Abu Dhabi.

They offer to pick and drop service to their tourists for ease and convenience. They provide 4×4 vehicles to bring you from the resident place. On the other hand, the operators of Dubai desert safari provide huge buses for pick up only. Additionally, they do not offer to pick up from door to door; besides, you have to come to the decision point for pick up. Furthermore, you have to wait longer for pickup service.

Pocket-friendly services in all packages:

Nothing is better than enjoying all the services of packages while spending money that is limited for your budget and finances. The Abu Dhabi desert safari can fulfill the wish of one. It can make your desert safari unforgettable for the rest of your life. Abu Dhabi desert safari is the best one as it offers tourist holidays and excursion packages that better fit into their budget. But it doesn’t mean that there is no compromise in service quality.

Multiple Desert Adventure Sports

In the case of an adventurous ride in the Desert, the Abu Dhabi desert safari offers more extraordinary challenges than Dubai Desert Safari. One will not believe in just sayings, but the reviews matter for newcomers. Many tourists and visitors said that the quality of sandboarding, quad biking, and dune buggies are more trendy and outstanding than Dubai’s safari.

Moreover, the safety measures and guidelines are also more advanced in Abu Dhabi desert safaris vehicles. One can have more fun and entertainment in blazing dunes because these are also taller than Dubai Desert dunes. That’s why the sandboarding times reach up to an hour for tourists.

However, the Abu Dhabi desert safari is rated more than the Dubai de8sert safari. The Abu Dhabi safari provides more activities as compared to the Dubai safari. This is the reason people like more Abu Dhabi as compared to Dubai.

Guide Support:

All the tour guides are friendly and also know different languages. However, they picked you from your hotel and dropped you in the Arabian desert. These tour guides are aware of the complete security and know very well how to guide every tourist to take necessary precautions before going to the desert safari.

Offer You The Convenient Time For The Desert Safari:

The desert safari in Dubai takes place at different times of the entire day. Like there is a morning desert safari specially arranged for the sports activities. In the morning, desert safari activities include sandboarding, dune bashing, and quad biking.

Other than this, the evening desert safari also includes different activities like henna painting, buffet dinner, and many more. You can enjoy the best dishes at the overnight desert safari with the belly dance performance and Arabian music.


Both Dubai Desert Safari and Abu Dhabi safaris are the best tourist spots in the UAE. They both provide you with the opportunity to perform different activities. Abu Dhabi and the Dubai desert safari offer different types of tour packages. Overall, both places are best for the tourists, and it depends on you which location you select for your next tour.

However, you can tell us which place you select for the next tour with the help of the comment section. Other than this, don’t forget to help other people to know the difference between Abu Dhabi and Dubai desert safari. Share this article with your social media fans and your friends and family members.


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