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concrete/plaster wall

Concrete, a commonly used composite in construction, consists of cement, stone, sand and water. weather resistant for the beauty of materials and construction It depends on the process of forming. and set of concrete to have various characteristics until a unique pattern to get quality work selection of building materials cement products including skilled craftsmen various expertise is very important

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Making concrete walls, bare mortar, suitable for houses that want to show the structure and walls of the masonry. Often used to decorate concrete and cement. No other materials are used to plaster over the decoration.

The process of making concrete and mortar surfaces

cast-in-place concrete walls

Cast-in-place concrete wall is the whole wall made of concrete. to be the wall of the building structure Start by setting up a two-sided stick. Leave a hole in the middle for pouring concrete. Wait for the concrete to harden and dry, then remove the lumber. To have a beautiful surface depends on the expertise. You should choose the type of wood you want. Because each type of wood gives a different texture. This process of making structural walls and special shaped walls.

steel casting

The steel casting process Helps the work to have a smooth, beautiful surface. In the case of wanting to hold on to the iron design until it becomes a charm The price is quite high.

polished cement surface

The surface finishing process uses cement mortar and then polishes the surface. By using a trowel to smooth it out, there will be a unique squeegee. To be beautiful, but! It depends on the skill of the technician in polishing.

Plywood casting

plywood casting The beauty of the smoothness depends on the leveling of the wood. Most commonly used black plywood. which is a plywood coated with black film that is smooth and beautiful Prevents concrete from sticking when removing

Concrete wall surface decoration work

Thin Cement

Thin Cement It is a surface decoration by plastering the surface to be smooth or concealing small cracks or wanting rawness. can show as a bare cement surface

making process

  1. Prepare the surface to be clean. free from foreign matter Ready to repair cracks with cement to repair the structure first. and while working if the surface is hot and dry Should be soaked with water before work.
  2. Mix the thin surface cement with water according to the ratio. Use a steel trowel to plaster on the surface to be evenly thin. It can be plastered per time with a thickness ranging from 0.3-3 mm.
  3. If you want to increase the thickness of the surface Can be plastered again after the first time. Wait for it to dry for about 10 – 30 minutes.
  4. If you want smoothness Can use water sandpaper to scrub after drying for about 12 – 24 hours. Can be left bare, painted or coated with water.

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