Components that make up the machine that extracts sugarcane


Sugarcane juice has gradually been gaining popularity over the past few years due to its health benefits. To be able to obtain the juice one requires a juicing machine that is specific to the sugarcane.

This article is going to look through some of the parts that make up the sugarcane crusher.

Obtaining juice from sugarcane is different compared to how juice is obtained from other fruits. This is largely contributed by the fact that sugarcane is hard on other fruits. While we use the blender for most of the juicy fruits, the sugarcane crusher is used to extract the juice from the sugarcane.

This article will mainly focus on the parts that make up the juicing machine.


Like most of the movable machines in the market used to perform different operations, the most important part is the gearbox. The gearbox has within it a couple of gears that are interconnected. The gears in the gearbox combine with the motor to drive the rollers that are made of steel to crush and flatten the cane to drain the juice from it.

The main advantage of the gearbox used in the machine is that if it stops working it can be easily replaced or fixed. This is because the gears used are the standard gears found in the general market hence there are many available spare parts for the gears.

Sugarcane Crusher

This is the main part of the whole machine. The main idea of the whole machine is to make this part work effectively and to finality. It is made up of some rollers that are made of steel. The cane passes through the rollers and the hard nodes that make up the sugarcane are flattened after being crushed by the steel rollers.

These rollers are driven using manpower or electrically. For electrically powered rollers a motor is required to carry out the energy conversions. The material steel is used due to its strong characteristics and its ability to be rust-resistant hence ensuring the durability of the sugarcane juice machine.

Cane Carrier

The cane carrier can simply be viewed as a component where the input of the machine, the sugarcane, is first fed into the machine. Commonly referred to as the conveyor it is smaller compared to the large-scale conveyor found in sugar factories. Despite the scale difference, the functionalities are the same.

The carrier contains a conveyor belt that continuously runs to transport the cane to the steel crushers. The carrier is mainly found in the machines that are powered by electricity hence reducing the amount of manpower required in crushing the cane.

Juice collector

The last component that makes up the machine is the collector. As its name suggests it is where all the juice that is obtained from the cane that has already been crushed by the rollers is collected. The collector is made up of materials that will not contaminate the juice obtained.

The above components as illustratedcollaborate in sync to produce the juicy end product. I am hopeful this information will prove beneficial while making your purchase.

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