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Bharat Matrimony has come under fire after their Holi ad depicted harassment suffered by women during this celebration and was widely seen to be violating religious sentiments.

Muruga’s team utilized AppsFlyer’s attribution solutions to stay ahead of fraudsters and maximize campaign performance, while also incorporating data analytics into their business model.

Create a good profile

If you’re seeking a serious relationship, creating an effective profile is crucial. Write an engaging bio and include plenty of photos to make yourself stand out among competitors and check for spelling and grammar errors before sending out. Proofread to ensure a positive first impression from potential matches!

Murugavel Janakiraman founded Bharat Matrimony in 1997 and rapidly built it into one of India’s leading matrimonial websites with over 3.72 million active profiles and thousands of success stories. His innovative business model remains relevant today; for example he introduced doorstep collections when others were reluctant, launched portals in 14 regional languages, Matchboard features such as Soul Mate Search or AstroMatch matchmaking, Express Interest features or Soul Mate Search options for successful matches, etc.

Make your profile unique

An honest person rarely alters his/her information on matrimony sites frequently. If your match has frequently altered his/her occupation, caste, and hobbies it could be an indicator that they’re not serious about finding a partner.

BharatMatrimony stands out among matrimonial services by offering its subscribers an innovative mobile app, making the service accessible from any location and accommodating to varying spending capacities. Furthermore, they charge according to geographic location allowing the company to target new potential customers more effectively.

Recently, matrimonial services came under scrutiny for their Holi ad that targeted harassment of women during this festival. Many took to Twitter in protest and criticised this brand for hurting Hindu sentiments.

Upload more than one photo

Bharat matrimony is one of the largest matchmaking websites in India and offers both free and paid versions of its service. The free version allows users to upload photos, bookmark profiles and save searches; while for direct communication between members they require the paid subscription plan.

Site members who submit ID verification can verify themselves as real, such as providing valid passport, driving license, PAN card or ration card to ensure real members. This helps prevent fake profiles or scammers from creating profiles on our platform.

Holi festival coincided with International Women’s Day this year and BharatMatrimony ran an ad that highlights harassment women may experience during Holi festivities. Many Twitter users found the video offensive; others supported it. Either way, #BoycottBharatMatrimony trended on Twitter until BharatMatrimony eventually edited out its controversial ad and removed it from public view.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

As a business, you should monitor your target audience’s online behavior and habits. Ask questions to better understand them and engage them, creating more meaningful conversations. Be careful about asking sensitive questions – try reframing them as neutral or open-ended questions so they feel more at ease when answering.

Listen closely when asking questions; make sure that you fully comprehend each answer before determining any further queries to ask. Be wary of any signs of dishonesty or fraud; these could be indicators that it would be wise not to trust this individual. If in doubt, request ID documents or contact details so as to verify their identity.

Be honest

When it comes to Bharat Matrimony, honesty is of utmost importance. Otherwise, you could end up falling prey to someone with ulterior motives. Therefore, providing accurate information about yourself and partner preferences is of vital importance – but take caution not to disclose too much personal data!

Recently, Bharat Matrimony generated massive controversy with their Holi ad. Released on March 8, which also marks International Women’s Day, it featured harassment experienced during this festival of colors by women. As soon as it went viral it triggered outrage among netizens, who accused Bharat Matrimony of hurting religious sentiments by associating an important social message with an event related to Holi festival itself – although some voiced support for its message.

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