Bangle Styling Guide: Here’s How to Make the Best of Your Bangles


Bangles are a fashion staple. This classical piece of jewellery looks lovely on every woman. Whether you are wearing a western dress or a traditional outfit, the right set of bangles is all you need to make a statement with your jewellery. Besides, nobody cares about your necklaces and hairstyle these days. All you need is the best hand accessories and you will be the one drawing the attention of all guests. 

Here are a few bangle styling tips for the ladies. 

Get the Right Bangles

Like your earrings and necklace, you need to choose bangles that match your outfit. Of course, you don’t have to go all matchy-matchy, but it should be in line with your dress. For example, large and heavy bangles look perfect with a traditional outfit, though heavy and colourful bangles are worn with modern dresses as well. 

Pick your favourite set of bangles and see if it goes well with your dress. You can check out the new stone bangle designs online if you can’t find the right wrist accessories for the event.

No Monotonous Look

Monotonous is boring. You should mix and match bangles of different designs and colours to create a beautiful contrast. That will definitely make a statement. This is also a great idea for ladies who aren’t wearing other jewellery pieces. Just put on a few sets of bangles in different designs and colours and you are ready for the party! Adding different colours to your wrist means your bangles will be the focal point of your outfit. This combination will draw a lot of attention. 

Less is More

Bangles are not the small bracelets that are barely noticed. Usually, ladies stack different colours and patterns of bangles at once. Now, pairing your bangles with rings and necklaces styled in layers will look too much. Also, wearing a few pieces of bangles is alright, but you should avoid wearing too many of these pieces. They will be nothing, but a distraction. 

Choose from Gold Bangles Pattern

Gold bangles with a traditional outfit is a wonderful combination. Fortunately, jewellers are now selling gold bangles in multiple designs and patterns online. You can check out the latest Gold bangle designs and buy the piece that looks good on your wrist. If you are going jewellery shopping for a special occasion, make sure you bring your outfit so you can mix and match the bangles at the store. 

Contrasting Design is Good

Earlier we mentioned how different designs of bangles stacked on your wrist will make statement jewellery. You can use the same idea for your outfit. If your outfit does not look good with the bangles, create a contrast. Your dress does not have to be the same colour as your bangles or the rest of the accessories. In fact, ladies don’t really wear matching accessories these days. A little contrast is a good way to add colours to your look.

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