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Damion Lee’s two-way contract is up and he has some reasons to stay in the league. His offensive game is midrange-heavy, while his defense is solid. He also has a guaranteed salary. So why not give him a new deal? In this article, we’ll discuss some of his positives and negatives.

Damion Lee’s two-way contract expires

Damion Lee’s two-way contract with the Golden State Warriors is set to expire after this season. The Warriors are hard-capped for the next few seasons and need to protect their core players, including Damion Lee. Lee is expected to re-sign with the Warriors despite his two-way status.

Golden State is planning to give Damion Lee a multi-year deal with the Warriors, which will include partial guarantees for future seasons. The deal will bring Lee back to Golden State, where he will be promoted to the team’s 15-man roster. Damion Lee was initially signed to a two-way deal last summer, which limited his NBA time. Golden State wanted to keep him through the season and was willing to waive Marquese Chriss to make room for him. The deal was delayed because of salary cap reasons, but the Warriors are determined to keep Damion Lee.

Lee spent the 2017-18 season with the Warriors’ G League affiliate, the Santa Cruz Warriors. He earned the opportunity to play for the Warriors through an injury to Steph Curry. Lee played plenty of minutes with the Warriors last year, starting 36 games while Steph Curry was out. He shot 44.1 percent from the field and 39.7 percent from three-point range.

His offensive game is midrange-heavy

Damion Lee has a versatile jump shot that gives him a lot of options when it comes to executing his offensive game. He can score off of handoffs and off-ball screens and also get his feet set for a floater or a three-point shot. While Lee doesn’t have the best athleticism, he’s capable of holding his own on defense.

Lee can be a great bench player. He knows exactly what his role is and always seems to be ready to contribute. He should be hungry for a playoff spot next year. That way, he’ll be more motivated to produce. In addition, he will likely play more minutes than last year.

Lee’s primary threat is his ability to put the ball in the basket, and he’s done that in his G League career. Though he struggled with three-point shooting this season, he averaged 15.8 points per game and shot above-average efficiency. His midrange shooting and finishing at the rim are his strengths.

His defense is solid

Damion Lee is one of the most consistent defenders in the NBA. Despite his lack of elite scoring, he still contributes to the team’s success on the defensive end. He also makes some solid passes. Here are two examples. One is his recent turnover versus the Washington Wizards.

Second is his defensive versatility. While Oubre is a wild and unpredictable player, Lee is more consistent in his defense. He also has a solid shot selection and can block shots from three-point range. While Lee is a good defender, he lacks the size or length to compete with the NBA’s best players.

Damion Lee’s career with the Warriors has been up and down. He was one of the biggest surprises of last season, but his production has fallen since the beginning of the new year. His offense has gone from being a solid perimeter defender to a low-end stretch four.

His salary is guaranteed

Damion Lee’s contract with the Golden State Warriors has been guaranteed through the 2020/21 season. Lee is expected to make just under $2 million a season. His salary will be based on his current average of 8.3 points and four boards per game. According to Hoopshype, Lee is making $140 per post at $7/cpm.

Lee was a second-round pick in the 2016 NBA Draft. The team chose him over Kyrie Irving and Derrick Rose. It is not clear what percentage of his salary is guaranteed. But the Warriors were willing to take a chance on him after he performed well in preseason games.


Lee has appeared in 27 games this season. He averages 8.2 points and three rebounds per game, but his field goal and 3-point percentage have decreased. Plus, Klay Thompson is expected to return to the Warriors soon, taking away some of Lee’s minutes. Still, Lee is a valuable piece of the Warriors’ depth at multiple positions and should get a guaranteed contract.

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