Adding Up the Advantages: 6 Amazing Benefits of Becoming an Accountant


Whether you’re considering the life of a tax accountant in Melbourne, LA, London, Dubai, or the small town you grew up in, this is certainly one of the wisest career choices you could make. If you’re good with numbers and you’re looking for a job that could take you to any country and allow you to work in almost any industry, accountancy is one of the strongest contenders. Still not convinced? Here are six amazing benefits of becoming an accountant: 

1. You’ll Be All Over Your Own Finances

Whether you want to start your own business, save for a house, or simply weather the various economic challenges ahead, being an accountant makes you perfectly able to handle your own finances like a boss. It’s a pretty helpful personal skill, particularly if you have your sights set on some big dreams that require a solid financial strategy. Just be aware that you may be expected to save the day if your friends or family members hit a financial crisis. 

2. You Can Specialize in Cool New Industries

Accountancy has long been associated with boring office work. Of course, those who are already working in the industry know it can be as interesting and fast-paced as any other career. The chance for excitement is also likely to grow over the coming years as accountancy is expected to see an increase in demand as new technologies revolutionize the profession. Not only will this provide job security within the industry, but it will also create more interesting jobs as innovative accountancy methods allow people to move into exciting new fields of work. 

3. The Demand For Accountants Is Increasing

The demand for accountants continues to grow at around 7% every decade, so you’re always guaranteed job openings. Of course, you have to be competitive and qualified to get the best positions. Still, it helps to know that there are plenty of opportunities to get stuck into once you’re qualified. 

4. You Can Increase Your Own Salary With Ease

Accountants earn an average of $60,000 per year. This amount can easily be increased by gaining education or experience in a unique, high-demand field. For example, a financial controller is a specialized accountant position, and the average pay for a person in that position is over $95,000 a year. With some extra experience, training, and determination, you could be earning a decent living as an accountant. 

5. You Can Do It Remotely

If you fancy becoming a digital nomad, accounting certainly can make that lifestyle possible. You can work for a company that allows you to operate remotely or on a freelance basis, giving you autonomy over which hours you spend adventuring and which you spend accounting. Indeed, we know an accountant who helps companies broker major international deals while exploring the most beautiful places in Mexico. He’s just one of many accountants currently living the digital nomad dream. 

6. You Get a Sense of Purpose and Meaning

It’s common for people to struggle when their job feels meaningless. Indeed, nine out of ten people are willing to earn less money to do more meaningful work. If you’re an accountant, chances are that you love working with numbers anyway. However, there’s a deeper sense of meaning that comes with doing something so vital to your clients. Whether you work with organizations or individuals, you can truly make a positive difference, and that’s a stable source of job satisfaction. 

Is a career in accountancy feeling more and more right for you? Start by enquiring about your educational options – this could be your first step toward an exciting, rewarding, secure, and meaningful career. 

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