7 Ways to Manage Your Veneers


Veneers provide several benefits to men and women who desire to have beautiful smiles. Veneers can enable you to improve your smile when you have cracks, gaps, or discolouration. Since veneers are properly applied to your teeth, you may need to take various actions to keep a good smile and ensure that your results last.

Smile to Go wishes to provide instructional ideas that will enable you to practise good dental hygiene. We invite you to read through these veneer care instructions or contact our dentist’s office to learn further.

Maintain a healthy dental routine

Cleaning your veneers is comparable to caring for your natural teeth. Brushing your teeth after each meal or no less than twice a day, use mouthwash, and floss to take care of your teeth.

Even if your veneers conceal your teeth, you need still to practise good oral hygiene to avoid oral bacteria. Throughout your treatment, our experts will go through appropriate brushing and dental flossing procedures to avoid the buildup of plaque between your gums. Regular dental cleaning and screenings are also required.

Acquire a soft brush and non-abrasive toothpaste.

Brush your teeth and veneers with a typical or rechargeable toothbrush with a soft bristle brush. Also, we suggest removing toothpaste containing abrasive ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate and bleaching agents.

Bleaching products may cause your veneers to differentiate themselves from the rest of your teeth. We will exactly match the colour of your veneers to your teeth as soon as you receive them. As a result, men and women frequently get a teeth bleaching process at Smile to Go to make their smiles look more brilliant.

Don’t consume specific products

One of the most appealing elements of veneers is that you may consume beverages that commonly stain the teeth like tea or coffee. You can also enjoy delicious things like dark fruits and chocolates without your teeth becoming yellow.

However, you must refrain from eating ice and other crunchy foods since they may shatter the veneer. Your veneers may be cared for by Smile to Go.

Purchase a dental device

If you grind or clench your teeth at any moment, your veneers may shatter. You may require a mouth guard to avoid the negative consequences of teeth grinding.

A mouth guard helps protect your native enamel and porcelain veneers from the destructive impacts of tooth brushing. Professionals at Smile to Go can give helpful advice on selecting the finest mouthguard for you.

Avoid consuming much more alcohol.

Drinking a lot of alcoholic beverages weakens the bonding materials that hold the veneers on your teeth. Although this does not imply that the veneers will come away, that does render the binding lines increasingly susceptible to attacks, degradation, and discolouration.

However, alcohol is not just contained in drinks. Examine the ingredients label when purchasing toothpaste to determine whether it contains alcohol since these are just as harmful as liquor.

Take care of teeth grinding.

Some people suffer from dentition and are unable to control it. If you grind your teeth while sleeping, talk to your doctor about how to deal with the problem. You will almost certainly be advised to rest with a mouthguard on.

It’s no secret that teeth grinding ruins veneer, so being certain that the issue is addressed will save you money in the long run.

Schedule frequent dental visits.

You must do this for two reasons. For instance, your dentist can guide you in avoiding oral infections, which can negatively impact the durability and condition of your veneers. Secondly, they may repair any issues that may arise prior to them becoming more serious, including cracks, or failing bonding among your veneers.

Remember that veneers, like anything else, do not endure indefinitely. You will need to change them after a specific amount of time. Your dentist can advise you on whether you should have replacements or if you must seek another option.

There is little debate about the usefulness of veneers in improving the quality and look of your smile. However, to gain and utilise the advantages they provide, you must comprehend how to keep teeth with Smile to Go in addition to being able to purchase them.

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