6 Tips to Choose the Right Cat Toys


Like humans, cats need mental and physical exercise to stay healthy, fit, active and happy. Toys play an essential role in stimulating the cat’s physical and psychological enrichment, which helps to inculcate good habits in your cat, which means they will be less prone to behavioral issues. Cats can turn to disruptive actions like hyperactivity at night, play aggression, or scratching at unwanted surfaces. Cats might harm themselves in this course so it is important to have Cat insurance.

While your cat sometimes can find a random cardboard box more entertaining than a toy, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like playing with cat toys. Playtime also gives her and you much-awaited quality time to bond. Whenever you play with your cat, you build affection and trust. You might witness their instinct come to life through pouncing and stalking. This object play does wonders to stimulate your cat’s predatory behavior. Toys will help them keep busy and entertained when you aren’t around. Investing in a PAWAii UV Cat Water Fountain can be a good choice.

With numerous options available, figuring out what toys are best for your cat can be challenging.

So here are some tips below to keep your feline friend safe and entertained.

1. Size Of The Cat Toy

Is the toy the right size for the cat? Can she pick it up in her mouth and swallow it? Cats are predators by nature. When shopping for their toys, be sure not to purchase a toy more extensive than your fur baby. If the toy is too big for your cat, they may recognize it as an enemy or an opponent and end up fighting it rather than playing with it.

2.  Safety And Durability

Pet shopping is not easy. You have to be responsible and careful while shopping for them, or they might end up hurting themselves. Do a thorough examination to ensure no glued-on parts could lead to choking (e.g., strings or sharp pieces). Make sure the product is of good quality and durable enough to handle a lot of playing sessions.

3. Figure Out Your Cat’s Preference

This tip requires a lot of observing time, patience and toys. To know what your cat would rather have, you can buy some toys and roll them in front of them to choose which toy they find the most interesting. Then, you can introduce them to different toys one at a time. Use different shapes, textures and sizes. Have a keen look at what keeps them entertained and stimulated.

4. Texture Of The Cat Toy

Cats are usually very choosy and picky about their things, whether cat litter, food or bed. For active stimulation in cats, texture plays a significant role. Toys come in different textures and styles. You can choose a feather-covered toy, a leather toy, a fuzzy toy, or even a fabric-covered toy. Make sure to monitor which toy makes your cat the happiest.

5. Scratchers

Scratching is a cat’s normal behavior. Outer layers of their claws are removed through scratching. This bearing acts like a cat manicure and allows your cat to mark her territory. Cat scratchers do not just give your cat an outlet for her instincts. In addition, they can save your carpet and furniture from wear and tear. Types of scratchers vary; choose from flat scratchers, trees, condos, ramps, towers and perches in various shapes and sizes. Some include balls, feathers or toys to catch your cat’s interest, while others provide a resting spot for an afternoon nap.

6.  Automatic and Interactive Toys

In households where cats may be left alone for some time, toys that operate independently are a great find. We all know how notorious cats are when they are bored and go on their devices without stimulation, so it is advisable to give them something they can play around with. However, this might require getting a bit more complex than the standard fare, as the toy will also be responsible for getting the cat’s notice in the first place.

All cat owners know the significance of keeping their kitties occupied throughout the day. However, without big toys, damage can quickly ensue with chewed cables, carpets, and more. So it is important to have veterinary insurance in case of pet medical aid. Cat toys are designed to draw the attention of your cat’s mind, provide them with hours of play, and help them free some of their energy.

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