6 Tips To Avoid Clogging on Your Home’s Water pipes


Clogged pipes happen when there is a buildup of residue and substances such as lint, grease, soap scum, and hair within the pipes. This buildup will eventually cause the drain flow to slow down or completely stop, causing water to back up and overflow. It is important to keep your drains clear of these things. Conrad Martens Plumbing has the expertise and will provide you with great service at an affordable price. Here are some handy tips to avoid the buildup of these substances:

1. Clean The Drains Regularly

It is good to clean your drains regularly with a good-quality drain cleaner that is safe for use around the house. If you do not have this available, try making your own by mixing baking soda and white vinegar (1 ½ cups of each) into a bowl, then pouring boiling water over it and allowing it to stand for 5 minutes. Pour the mixture down the drain, followed by one gallon of boiling water. It helps remove soap scum, hair and lint.

2. Invest In Some Drain Guards

You can protect your drains from clogging with a drain guard. It will sit at the bottom of the sink and prevent items such as lint, soap scum and hair from entering the pipes. A good drain guard will also keep small objects from entering your drains. Please make sure you get one made of metal or plastic and does not contain any sharp edges that could cut your fingers or toes when trying to put it on.

3. Keep Grease Out of Your Kitchen Drain

Grease can cause drain clogging. For this reason, you should try to cut down on the amount of grease that you put down your sinks during cooking. Instead, use a vegetable oil spray such as olive oil or canola oil. Coating your drains with vegetable oil will also allow them to remain grease-free.

4. Flush Your Kitchen Drain with Hot Water After Washing Dishes

When you have done the dishes, it is important to pour as much hot water down your kitchen sink’s drain as possible, even if you have a garbage disposal. It will help prevent grease from building up in the drain.

5. Limit What Kinds of Scrubs and Exfoliants You Use in Your Bathtub or Shower

If you have a bathtub or shower, you should be aware that the drain may get clogged or even break. Some types of exfoliants, such as pumice stones and loofah sponges, can disintegrate and cause the drain to get clogged. If you need to exfoliate your skin, do it in the sink instead.

6. Use A Deodorizer Spray to Banish Odors

If you have a clogged drain, you might be able to eliminate the odor by spraying a deodorizer in the area around the drain. The type of deodorizer that you use should not cause any harm to your surrounding areas.

These are some strategies that can help you keep your drains clear. If you use these techniques, you should not have to worry about a clogged drain very often. However, if you do have a clogged drain, then following these tips will help get rid of the problem as soon as possible.


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