5 tips to putting your house on the market


Buying or selling a house is filled with an abundance of physical, emotional and financial involvement that lasts for a few decades. The real estate market in the UK is a thriving industry where over a hundred houses get sold within a few minutes every day. People are particularly fond of homes in this country, especially the London properties, because of the returns on investment it provides in the long term. Individuals buy homes for several reasons. One of them is owning a home as a source of investment. People’s lifestyles changed after the pandemic in 2019, and their whole approach toward living has been altered. Many are looking for bigger homes with separate spaces for working and entertainment. They are upsizing homes to live spaciously in homes with gardens or lawns to spend leisure time. Due to this, several houses are appearing on the property listings for sale every month. Standing out as a unique home amongst the other properties flooding over everywhere is challenging. By following some tactics, one can effortlessly prepare themselves and their homes before they plan to sell them out.


Once the landlord decides to sell the property; they must get the property ready for viewings. This means the house to be put up for sale must appear decent and neat enough for people to like it. People need time to clear the messy rooms filled with unnecessary stuff that would go on to become a hindrance during the sale. Furniture taking up more space in the rooms, untidy walls and floors, piles of clothes and more are to be removed completely. It is better to present empty rooms with minimal elements at the time of home viewings. You can also opt for a quick home remodel by hiring professionals like atoz construction to increase the overall appeal and value of your home to sell it for a good amount.


The first thing a person is going to observe when visiting the property is the outward appearance. The front doo.  Oneuter walls and fences should be maintained well to keep the overall appeal intact. You can check www.timberridgefencecompany.com if you want your old fence to be replaced. A wooden polish or any kind of repair required for the damaged parts must be done before the visit. The green outdoor space like the gardens, front and backyards, lawns etc., should be mowed regularly, along with clearing the leafy litter once in a while. Adding furniture and replacing any broken swings, benches or chairs would be the best way to have an attractive place.


Quoting the exact price for a property is one complex task for every landlord, and not all of them would get it accurately in one go. This step can be done by comparing similar types of properties up for sale in the neighbourhood and their respective prices. Giving a higher estimate will only make the property drop down to the bottom of the listings making it challenging to get sold. Aside from the values received from the comparison, any other changes made to the property that could cause the value to rise must be recorded in the papers.


When selling a property in the UK, one must possess the knowledge of local strategies and tactics to gain the most out of the sale. Ordinary people who do not have prior experience with selling their property usually prefer taking the help and guidance of Knightsbridge Estate Agents or other local agencies. Most experienced agents know where potential buyers lurk and accordingly, adapt their selling strategies. Many agents do not charge anything for valuing a house. This way, sellers can decide how involved they want estate agents to be in the process of selling their property. 


A critical thing to do before the final stage of entering the market of property sale is to remove all kinds of personalisation in that place. Removing the furniture, re-painting the walls to a neutral colour, and canning other elements that show personalisation is a necessary move. Once that is completed, it is critical to locate the property’s papers and certificates demonstrating the operational condition of various appliances and other types of equipment such as boilers, insulators, and so on. Any improvements or alterations made to the property that may affect its value must be recorded in the official papers.

The real estate industry always creates a buzz from time to time and is forever a topic of interest in people’s lives. This sector has shown massive improvements over the years with digital intervention. From posting ads to conducting home staging, everything has gone online, and selling properties has become more painless than before.

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