Heat demands hard work from your body and leaves several negative effects on your skin. Why does it affect skin badly? Well, skin is the largest and sensitive organ of the body that covers your body and protects internal organs from potential outside dangers.

Sunlight exposure can hit your skin badly because UV rays are harmful and can leave negative effects for a long period. When it comes to your face skin, skin doctors in Karachi believe that you can protect it from the many potential dangers. It leaves your face skin dark, acne, dull, and brings rashes.

Here are some easy yet powerful tips to avoid sun damage.

Tips to Fight off Effects of Sun Exposure 

  • Water, water, and water 

Hydration is one of the major crucial elements of your life. Researchers say that you cannot live without drinking water for more than 8 to 12 days. It makes sense why you need water. Every organ from the eye to your kidneys requires a plenty of water intake.

According to your climate, you should increase or decrease the intake of water. During the intense heat, drink at least ten to fifteen glasses of water. Your body needs to grow with a healthy diet and water is one of the best elements to make your physical health grow.

People who have acne issues should drink plenty of water. It will prevent bacteria growth and also flush out all the toxic elements from your body.

  • Do Not Forget To Moisturize Your Skin 

One of the beneficial tips is to moisturize your skin on a regular basis. During intense heat, your skin sweats a lot that results in the loss of natural skin moisturizer. You need a quality moisturizer in the form of cream or a lotion, one from a reputable brand like Sulwhasoo. It depends on what type of skin you have. Learn about your skin first and buy skin products that match your skin type the most.

Experts share the tips that we should take shower first. The next step involves scrubbing and then applying a moisturizer to your skin.

  • Go with Cold Shower

In summer, you should not take hot showers as it gives dry skin that may result in severe damage. Such a shower causes skin damage and irritation.

You can experience dull skin too after taking a hot shower.

  • Cleanse Your Face Daily 

You need a quality cleanser for your daily skincare routine. Sunlight or daytime activities damage your skin badly. Buy a cleanser but always read ingredients to make sure that it is free of chemicals. Use a toner to remove the makeup as you should use it and cleanse your skin. Once you are done cleansing, apply a moisturizer and let your skin glow even in intense heat.

  • Use Sunscreen 

We cannot avoid the sunlight because many activities need to be done during the daytime. UV rays are harmful but you can protect your skin by using sunscreen. You need this product in your bag all the time. Experts share some of the best tips to apply sunscreen, such as:

  • Apply sunscreen on your face skin for at least 20 minutes before going outside.
  • Repeat the sunscreen every 2 hours.

Prevention Tips 

  • Avoid sun exposure, especially during peak hours. UV rays are at their peak and are most likely to damage your skin.
  • When you go outside, wear a hat or a scarf to protect your face.
  • Use a scrub to remove the dead skin cells from your skin and go in a circular motion.
  • Never avoid the use of sunscreen or sunblock as your skin needs a protective layer against the harmful rays.
  • Wear woven fabrics as it helps to protect your skin against the UV rays.

Final Thought 

Experts say that always buy a sunscreen with a broad spectrum as it helps to protect your skin against UVB and UVA radiation. Always keep sunscreen in your bag and reapply every two hours.


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