5 Best areas to buy property in London


London is a busy and amazing city. It is a land of opportunities and draws crowds from across the globe every year. This attraction has led to the real estate market booming here. However, there are several boroughs and districts in London, so you need to take some time out if you want to buy a good property in the city. You can also take professional help to choose the best and convenient place in the buzzing metropolis.

Here are 5 best areas to buy property in London:

Barking and Dagenham

You cannot miss exploring this area if you are looking to buy an affordable property in London. In fact, this is the cheapest borough you can find in the city. It has excellent transport networks particularly to Central London and things are further improving with the Crossrail project. The development in transport connectivity will certainly push the property prices in the days ahead, so investing in this East London part is going to be a smart move! The attractions here include beautiful parks and a number of museums and manor houses. The average house value in Barking and Dagenham is around £300,500.


This is yet another area in London where you can find beautiful properties. Located close to Liverpool Street, Leyton will further become closer to central London once the Crossrail project gets completed. While the London skyline is a striking charm in the area, the distinctive shops on the pedestrianized street, better known as ‘The Village’ is yet another draw. The nightlife is also astounding in Leyton.

Wait, there’s more to this place! Sport enthusiasts can engage in the Football Club while nature lovers can explore the 6000 acres Epping Forest which is a short walk from Leyton. The average house price in this area is £468,000.


Mayfair is for the rich. If your budget allows, and you are looking for a sprawling place to live in London, Mayfair may be the ideal choice. This central district has always housed rich people. It has numerous shops, magnificent houses and many businesses, so the property prices in this part of London has been skyrocketing. Whether you want to live here or let out, investing in Mayfair is always a good idea. You can be assured of stable returns on your investment.

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Don’t assume the entire London is full of skyscrapers. If you want a calm and greener area, check out Havering in the east part of London. Approximately, 60 percent of Havering land is occupied by farmland, parks, recreation grounds, and natural landscape. The place has several tube stations linking it to the District line. The nature reserves and Zoos are more attractions. It is said to be the fourth most affordable area to buy a property in this lovely city.


The property prices in the tech-centred Hackney are on the low for a while now. However, with the covid pandemic almost behind us and the tech businesses bouncing back, the values are expected to see a sharp rise in the coming days. If you are interested in investing in the tech sector or want to live close to the tech hub, Hackney may be the place for you!

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