4 Types of Desks For Your Modern Office


From personal to professional, desk spaces continue to evolve with our needs as a society. They no longer serve as just a surface where you put your laptop but rather an extension of your personality that helps you get more out of your workday.

From the small details like lighting and storage solutions to larger surfaces like meeting tables or personal desks – all these factors play a significant role in making your workspace more productive and inspiring.

Read on to discover the types of desks available and which modern office desk best suits your office space.

1. Corner Desks

If you’re looking to create a corner office or want to maximise your space, a corner desk is the perfect addition to any office!

Corner desks are designed with a small footprint and can be placed in the corner of a room to maximise space. This type of desk is also excellent for shared spaces as it will not take up much room.

Since these desks are designed to fit into a corner, you can also choose to add a bit of decor to the other side of the room with your favourite pictures or plants.

2. U-Shaped Desks

If you work in a collaborative office and want a desk that can support a team’s workflow, a u-shaped desk is a great choice.

This massive desk is great for those who work in teams and need space for multiple people to collaborate. However, the u-shaped desk can also be used for personal desks, especially for those who are not team-oriented and prefer their own space.

These desks are usually made of wood and have a large surface area where you can easily place your computer, notebooks, and other modern office desk necessities. U-shaped desks can also be designed with drawers or shelves where you can store your office supplies or other items.

3. Open-concept Desks

Open-concept desks are designed for open, collaborative spaces where you can easily see your co-workers and vice versa. This type of desk is usually long and narrow, so it doesn’t take up much room but still provides ample space for multiple people to work simultaneously.

This desk is excellent for start-up offices or any environment designed around an open concept where the desks are close together.

4. Conference Room Tables

A conference table is the perfect desk solution if you work in an office where you often have large meetings.

Conference room tables are long, rectangular tables designed to fit many people and provide space for people to write, place their laptops, and even plug in their phones or devices since some come with a built-in charging station.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re working from home, starting your own business, or just need a new modern office desk for your small home office, there are many options available to choose from. Some are great for storing things, while others are smaller and more narrow to accommodate small rooms or apartment living.

Just remember to consider the style of your room and personal preferences to help you decide what type of modern office desk is best for you.

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