Flexible infrastructure

Ways of purchasing goods and providing services have changed. The business rethought the work of delivery and began to use tangible assets more efficiently. One of the main innovations was the immediate satisfaction of the consumer impulse. Companies have faced the need to increase efficiency and resilience to adapt more quickly to rapid change. Many people want to deliver the same immediate pleasure and enjoyment that they received in the store. Because they don’t usually get it, it’s a huge opportunity for development. Another huge opportunity is definitely having a big presence on video distribution platforms. YouTube and TikTok are the top trends right now. You need to buy YouTube subscribers with PayPal, so it will be easy for you to start future campaigns. It’s a big advantage and opportunity for your business.

New patterns of behavior cause businesses to lose “accidental costs” to customers. Before the pandemic, people usually made most of their purchases in the same places, such as buying fruit and detergents at the same grocery store or dresses and shoes at the same mall.

Ecosystems have now become fragmented, with additional costs, including marketing, packaging, delivery and returns.

Companies need to explore new business models. Businesses must also view their supply chain as a field for innovation and growth. The possibility of personalization will be in special demand.


Think – Consider how to improve the supply chain, which assets are better to buy online and which are offline, see their number.

Speak  – Commit to sustainable development within five years.

Take action – Review the delivery steps that can add value to you. For example, how can you reduce waiting times to please customers.

Challenges of empathy 

People are not indifferent to the values ​​of brands. They are concerned about the goals and ethics of the organizations in which they work, whose goods and services they use.

Companies come under pressure and a barrage of criticism, trying to speak and act correctly, and at the same time be profitable. Don’t try to please everyone.


Think – Pay attention to employees. They must be on your side. Focus primarily on internal communications. Your employees are your defenders, they will spread messages outside the company’s walls.

Speak – Make your positions open, talk about them.

Take action – Consider design and communication in the complex to reduce the gap between what you say and what you do.

Loyalty programs

Don’t forget to work with regular customers. It is known that regular customers bring 67% more profit than new ones.

Bonus systems and promotions stimulate the sales cycle. The loyalty system with promotions for regular customers increases the average purchase check, motivating the buyer to return even more.

The principle of loyalty programs is simple: the more the customer buys, the greater his bonuses. Finding a new customer is more difficult and expensive than returning an old one. Give gifts and delicious promotional offers for regular customers, work with the audience.


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