Trusted by so many home and business owners for their durability and sheer strength, uPVC doors are a great choice for a variety of buildings, but depending on how and where they’re used, they may develop damage over time.

Fortunately, most faults don’t mean that you have to replace the entire door, and if you seek help from uPVC door repair Waterlooville, they will be able to repair the door and get it functioning properly again in next to no time.

What causes problems with uPVC doors?

In the majority of instances, doors and frames moving out of alignment is the most common reason behind uPVC door damage, but these issues almost always require an expert hand to fix.

As with many problems in life, ignoring them and hoping they’ll go away is rarely worthwhile, so if you experience any of the problems listed below with your uPVC door, be sure to seek expert guidance from a local door repair company (these are often locksmiths) as soon as possible.

Here are 3 of the most common uPVC door problems along with guidance on how to get them fixed:

1. Lock snapping

If your uPVC door has been fitted with a lock barrel in the form of a standard euro cylinder, it may be at risk of something known as lock snapping. Unfortunately, this is a method commonly used by crooks and burglars, and all it takes is a few seconds for them to snap the lock and remove it, giving them access to your home in frighteningly quick time.

If you’re worried that your uPVC door may be vulnerable to lock snapping, a local locksmith should be able to replace it with a higher security lock. Not only is this a quick task for a locksmith, but the lock isn’t particularly expensive, so you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune paying for the locksmiths time, or the new lock. If you’re unsure what type of lock is in the door, a locksmith will be able to inspect it and tell you.

2. Misalignment

When a uPVC door doesn’t line up properly with the locking points in the door frame, it can prove impossible both to lock the door, and unlock it. As these doors are pretty heavy, it’s not unusual for them to drop or slip from time to time. However, while it might not be unusual, it’s always inconvenient. Fortunately, a local locksmith who specialises in such repairs will be able to remedy the problem pretty swiftly, and quite possibly at a lower cost than that of a double glazing firm.

3.Wear and tear to the locking mechanism

It can be alarming to suddenly discover that you can no longer lock or unlock your uPVC door, and in many cases, this is simply due to wear and tear caused by daily use, and which is affecting the locking mechanism itself. Luckily, it’s not often the entire lock mechanism that needs to be replaced, but rather the multipoint locking gearbox. If you’re fortunate enough to have a trusted locksmith in your area such as delta forge locksmiths, you’ll probably find that they can fix the problem there and then, if not, a new gearbox may have to be ordered.


While uPVC doors can experience problems from time to time, they are still a dependable and secure choice for homes and businesses, provided they are fitted with anti-snap locks and that all problems are dealt with in a timely manner


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