10 Words in Online Baccarat Games You Should Know


Have you ever with a search for information about the game of Baccarat online I like to come across articles or videos that use words that often make us confused. Until you don’t understand or must stop the pursuit of knowledge to find the meaning of that word before it is understood Therefore, gradually come to read or watch the video tutorial. 

I want to say It is very common in every industry to have a specific terminology used. In order to be easy to understand, honest and access to the nature of the industry or that circle as much as possible plus time to speak or communicate It also looks like a more knowledgeable person. Because knowing the terminology of that industry shows that The person speaking may not be a veteran. But it’s not a newbie. And probably have some experience in that industry

Therefore, this time, we will take 10 key words in the online baccarat industry that are often seen in various articles or video tutorials to tell you what they are. If you are ready, let’s go and see.

Vocabulary in online baccarat games


This can usually be found on the betting page. Of the baccarat game, which we already know that the main thing in online เว็บบาคาร่า ที่คนเล่นเยอะที่สุด baccarat games is that there are 2 sides that are PLAYER or PLAYER SIDE (Blue) and BANKER or DEALER (Red) and there will be TIE or TIE ( Green) in the middle, to be awarded a TIE, the points of both the PLAYER side and the BANKER side must be equal, with a very high stake of 1:8, that is, bet 100 gets back 800, excluding the principal.


There is a meaning in the game of Baccarat online. Rounds of play, also known as “eyes”, for example, eating 3 sticks in a row means eating 3 eyes in a row or 3 rounds in a row. At first, the author’s waist was confused. When I saw many gurus talking, I thought that it might be a word that is more of a catchphrase. Because I still see some guru using the word round or eye.

Golden Line

It means that the golden line is about what the lucky line is. By this line is actually looking at the card path or the card layout in the first table. Will be viewed horizontally If there is a pattern of playing cards that are repeated until we can guess that the next time in that row, it should be the same design. That’s what is called “Golden Line”

Money walk

Is to place bets in each eye in online baccarat games which will have many formulas for walking money Which we will see each other often from searching for information about baccarat games, such as online baccarat money formulas, etc. There will be many subdivisions to choose from depending on playing style and costs. With each other

House Edge

This word may have passed through the ears and through the eyes for some time. Which this term means is the casino or dealer advantage, which is mathematically calculated as a percentage. Each game has a different value. This will make the casino always more profitable than the players.


This word has the meaning in online บาคาร่า baccarat is the first 2 cards, the total is 8 or 9 points, but it is rarely seen that people spend much time playing for real. But often seen a lot in knowledge articles Therefore, it is classified in the technical terminology of online baccarat games.

Ping Pong

Is a baccarat card pattern Which will be issued alternating 2 sides consecutively several times, which this term is used very widely in the field of online baccarat Because when they say that the cards are ping-pong cards, everyone will understand that they are alternating cards.


Commission that we often see in advertisements Baccarat promotion It’s often that it’s free. Or get paid for it What’s this? Which the 2 types of comp There are different meanings. Free commission is no commission paid to the dealer when placing bets. Usually we will lose every time from betting. Earning commission is receiving commission in various cases according to the conditions. Such as web membership Or invite friends to play by clicking through the invite link, etc.


Is to increase the bet by 1 more when a loss occurs. It is a technique of making money in online baccarat games, which actually has its method. It’s not that you can try to add more money randomly.


Is the pattern of the outcome of the cards That will allow us to predict what the next result will be. Which the difficulty of the card layout is that There are many types of cards that are online baccarat formulas to choose from, many styles, depending on the style of playing. And the budget that each person has which the card layout is a matter of statistics is just a prediction The result is not 100% accurate, gain or lose depends on what situation we choose to play. Together with other key elements as well.

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