What you need to Know Abouy Marine Plywood


This article covers in detail the quality, the suitability, the material, and the benefit of marine-grade plywood over others. If you want to know more about this, there is only one way to find out.

What is are Marine Plywoods?

The marine-grade plywood might have been falsely advertised for quite some time now. It is not water-resistantand is a victim of rotting as chemicals are not used to treat it. On the brighter side, the plywood is of outstanding quality, lightweight, and free from defects. The perfect feature of this plywood makes it most preferable for boat building and outdoor furniture.

Uses of Marine Plys

As the name suggests, marine ply is used in building marine equipment on ships and at docks. It has a long-lasting capability in wet or humid weather conditions where it is exposed to moisture. Unlike most woods, it is resistant to warping, bending, or delaminating from moisture. The use of several core veneers and faces reduces the gaps in-between making it impossible for water to be trapped.

MarineVs Treated Plywood

Treated plywood is, also known as pressure-treated plywood, just softwood that easily absorbs moisture. This wood has been treated with chemicals to prevent it from rotting or decaying. However, the chemicals used to treat does not make it water-resistant and continuous exposure will eventually allow water to penetrate. Marine plywood, on the other hand, is the exact opposite except not being waterproof.

Is it Good for Exterior Use?

It is easy to confuse marine ply for exterior ply. However, if you are well informed, it is easy to notice the difference between the two. Despite the quality, marine-grade plywood is not as suitable for external use as exterior plywood. The exterior plywood is all-weather plywood used for exterior purposes. It has several layers that are bonded together by the use of phenolic resin that hardens it and makes it resistant to humidity and moisture.

Is the Plywood Termite Proof?

The marine-grade plywood is made of tropical hardwood. It is built to be highly resistant to water and water-proofed glue is used for attaching. They have a smaller gap between them and as a result,reduce the amount of water trapped in-between. Not only are the resins used resistant to water but they also have a resistance to borers and termites. So, to some extent, the plywood is termite-proof.

Is there a Need for Marine Plys?

Yes! There is a need for marine-grade plywood, especially for homes and commercial buildings next to the ocean. The only difference is that you do not need the same level of water resistance as you would need for the boat. To avoid paying for more than is due, buy the level you need and not more. However, for boat materials, purchase the highest level you can lay your hands on to be on the safer side.


From the above, clarity is drawn to the fact that the marine-grade plywood may not be completely waterproof as previously suggested but has some level of water resistance. The docks, buildings near water bodies, boats, etc. should ensure they use the right level of resistance. For more, visit https://marineboards.co.ke

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