Are you stuck between wanting to undertake a Scrum Master course and not knowing what it is? Pondering without guidance will help you neither in the current state nor in the long run. The SAFeⓇ Scrum Master with SSMⓇ Certification course which lasts for two days (14 working hours), is designed to instil its applicants with the knowledge of the roots of the team-level scrum. The comprehensive course explores the numerous responsibilities of the Scrum Master, doing so in the context of the entirety of the enterprise and clubbed with preparing attendees to meticulously chalk out and execute the PI (Program Increment), which is the main facilitator of alignment across all levels of a SAFeⓇ organization. This encompasses mastering the key components of Agile at scale development, how to execute Iteration Planning, and the steps to how Scrum is enabled across the enterprise.

  • How? (Key topics covered)

The SAFeⓇ SSMⓇ course is structured in such a way that trainees undertaking it would be guided through comprehending the steps to fulfilling the role of an efficiently performing SAFeⓇ Scrum Master (SSMⓇ). They are taught to fill the shoes of a change agent who plays a leading role in every level of an organization facilitated by a Lean-Agile transformation at scale.

For this to be realized, the calculated steps that are undertaken are as follows:

  • Scrum is introduced in SAFeⓇ
  • The role of the Scrum Master is characterized
  • Applicants are made to experience the Program Increment planning
  • The Iteration execution is facilitated
  • The Program Increment is completed
  • The Agile team is given meticulous coaching
  • Why? (The goals of the course)

The SAFeⓇ SSMⓇ courses are, by default, engineered to aid participants in discovering their self-suited styles of constructing high performing Agile teams from the ground up. It is done by helping them become both a coach and a servant leader, along with being taught how to coach those teams to deliver the maximum business value at scale. Additionally, attendees undertaking the SAFeⓇ SSMⓇ course are bestowed with the knowledge of how to efficiently undertake the role of a Scrum Master within a SAFeⓇ environment, in essence boosting their value in organizations or teams implementing SAFeⓇ.

All things considered, the goals of the SAFeⓇ SSMⓇ courses are as follows:

  • Enabling trainees of the respective course to absorb additional knowledge and gain confidence in crucial nodes of the Scaled Agile Framework Lean-Agile delivery
  • To cement the description of Scrum in a SAFeⓇ enterprise
  • To facilitate Scrum events
  • To facilitate an effective Iteration execution
  • To support effective Program Increment executions
  • To support improvement at a relentless scale
  • To coach Agile teams for generating maximum business results
  • To support DevOps implementation

Beneficial to individuals in varied fields of practice such as Consultants, Business Analysts, Delivery Managers, Managers, Directors, or Architects, the ultimate goal of the SAFeⓇ SSMⓇ course is facilitating the smooth running of projects that involve multiple teams. With available benefits such as connectivity to more than 150,000 Agile professionals, a non-stop learning and contribution to the SSMⓇ community through the renewal process, and assisting renowned organizations with attaining their highest output with SAFeⓇ, the significant expansion of your career opportunities is not a dream.


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