What do you need to know about Martingale’s sports betting strategy?


To increase the chance of making a profit, bettors use various strategies in sports betting. One of them is the Martingale system. It was originally used in casinos, but now it is in great demand in betting.

How to bet on sports using the Martingale strategy

This strategy was invented by British businessman John Martingale. He was the owner of several large casinos. For the first time, gamblers began to use the system in the 17th century. Now the strategy is more often used in modern betting. The Martingale system is considered a variation of the classic dogon.

To use this strategy, you need to choose those sporting events, the odds for which are 2.00. It is necessary to determine the amount of the first bet, which is 1% of the initial deposit. If it’s $ 100, you need to spend $ 1 on the first bet. If the bet is not played, you need to double it – up to $ 2. In case the bet is unsuccessful again, the next time you need to spend $ 4. The rate will increase exponentially until it turns out to be successful. If the bettor does not have time to spend the entire bankroll, sooner or later he will still make a profit.

After a winning bet, the cycle must be completed and returned to the original $ 1 bet. If the deposit amount is $ 100, the player has the opportunity to make six unsuccessful bets on the following arc: $ 1, $ 2, $ 4, $ 8, $ 16, $ 32.

If the probability of each outcome of the event is 50%, the chance that the bettor will lose the entire bankroll and not make a profit is only 0.015. Nevertheless, the Martingale strategy is called very risky. It is not suitable for those who are just starting to bet on sports. In practice, the theory of probability does not work as well as in theory, so many lose the entire budget without winning back.

The Martingale strategy is often called the classic dogon, but these systems have a significant difference. The difference is in the magnitude of the coefficients that can be used. Using the Martingale system, you can only bet on those outcomes that are within 1.98-2.20. In the classic dogon, you can use any quotes.

An example of a betting cycle according to John Martingale’s strategy

To better understand the Martingale strategy, you can consider its application with the following example:

  • step number 1 – initial bet of $ 10 on Poland’s victory in the confrontation with Slovakia with odds of 2.05, loss;
  • step number 2 – an increased bet of $ 20 on the victory of Belgium in the match with Germany with the odds of 2.05, loss;
  • Step # 3 – $ 40 bet on Italy’s victory against France, odds 2.04, failure;
  • step number 4 – an $ 80 bet on Iceland’s victory in the match with Denmark, a long-awaited win.

Having made the first 3 unsuccessful steps, the bettor lost $ 70 ($ 10 + $ 20 + $ 40). After betting $ 80 and winning, he made the same profit. Subtracting the previous costs from it, the net gain is $ 10. You can try this strategy by installing the best sports parimatch app. Beginners are given bonuses with which they can make free bets.

What other sports betting strategies are there?

In addition to John Martingale’s strategy, bettors use the following systems:

  • bookmaker’s sure bet;
  • Oscar Grind’s method;
  • flat;
  • on the favorite.

Fork betting is a popular but illegal strategy. Its essence is that you need to make 2 bets on two opposite outcomes of one sporting event. The bookmaker may block the account if it suspects such activity. To do this, some bettors open pages in different bookmakers to apply an arb strategy.

The Oscar Grind Method is a mirror of John Martingale’s strategy. If the bet is unsuccessful, the amount remains the same. The size is doubled in case of winning.

There are less risky strategies. Those who are just starting to bet on sports are recommended to try the flat system. It is not the most profitable, but it allows you to keep your deposit for a long time. The bet amount does not change, regardless of losses and wins. It is always 1-2% of the original deposit.

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Experienced bettors often use the Danish betting strategy. It also has a similarity to the Martingale system in principle. The bottom line is that with each unsuccessful move, the amount of the bet does not double, but increases with an arithmetic progression. The advantage of the strategy is that you can make more wrong moves.

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