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In this article, we will look at UV Gullas College of Medicine’s key strengths and unique selling propositions. We will look at the World-class infrastructure, Moderate pricing, and International quality clinical training. All of these factors make UV Gullas College of Medicine stand out among other Philippine medical colleges. After all, these attributes will make UV Gullas the best Philippines Medical college for you.

High-quality education

The UV Gullas College of Medicine is the top-ranked medical college in the Philippines. Its educational pattern is based on US education system, and its affiliation with the most prominent hospitals in Cebu city helps in providing better clinical exposure. The Admission Office of the college is located in Vadapalani, Chennai, with specially trained Admission Coordinators who help prospective students.

The university’s training methods are highly efficient in preparing students for the MCI exam. The students are guided by leading medical experts during the final year and third year. UV Gullas students usually clear the exam in their first attempt. Students from other countries often struggle to pass this exam. The high pass rate of the MCI screening test reflects the high quality of medical education offered at UV Gullas College of Medicine.

The university’s moderate pricing scheme is ideal for students from outside the Philippines. International students, particularly those from India, can take advantage of this low cost, but they should still be aware of the limited scope for employment due to the high prevalence of vector-borne diseases. In addition, the curricula of the Philippines Medical college follow the US model, which is beneficial for students who want to practice in developed countries, as it makes the USMLE exam easier for them to pass.

World-class infrastructure

Students pursuing a course in medical sciences should consider the quality of the educational institution. UV Gullas College of Medicine has a ‘no compromise’ policy when it comes to quality. It has invested heavily in its state-of-the-art infrastructure and digital campus facilities. Students studying here will be able to avail of the best tuition fee structure available in the country. Moreover, the College of Medicine is accredited by all major medical organizations, including MCI.

The faculty members and administration at UV Gullas College of Medicine are highly qualified and professional. They help in visa processing and provide guidance and assistance for every aspect of the course. Students will spend their first 1.8 years in the college building a strong foundation for better medical education. This year is known as Bachelor of Science (BS) degree, and the remaining four years are devoted to theory and clinical rotation. Well-equipped labs and cadaver training are also a part of the curriculum.

Moderate pricing system

The moderate pricing system at UV Gullas Colleges of Medicine is very affordable. The tuition fees at UV Gullas College of Medicine are more affordable compared to other medical schools in the Philippines. Students from India and other nationalities don’t need to learn a new language upon arrival, unlike other medical schools abroad. Students can also opt for part-time payments or make full-time payments, which are both acceptable options for this college.

The tuition fees at UV Gullas College of Medicine are split into two parts – the first year and the last year. The total cost of studying in UV Gullas is approximately 9,200 USD, or around 6,75,000 INR. The tuition fees are divided into two parts and are paid over the course of five years and eight months. To calculate the full cost of attending UV Gullas College of Medicine, you should first determine your eligibility. The program is available at a low cost in the Philippines and does not require a high school diploma.

International quality clinical training

UV Gullas College of Medicine continues to provide students with world-class infrastructure to help them excel in their studies. The college offers air-conditioned digital classrooms with short-throw projectors and smart boards to enhance student interaction with professors. Its laboratories are equipped with advanced equipment, including the latest safety gadgets, to ensure student safety while performing experiments and procedures.

The country is home to the highest literacy rate in Asia – 94%. The majority of Filipinos have a basic knowledge of the English language and can communicate well in English. Students pursuing a career in the medical field are well-prepared to apply for jobs abroad. In addition to preparing students to be doctors, UV Gullas College of Medicine focuses on the most formal aspects of medical training, including the USMLE exam.


Aside from providing world-class clinical training, UV Gullas College of Medicine offers affordable medical studies to international students. It is a world-class university that is committed to educating future healthcare professionals and developing their overall maturity and social skills. Founded in 1919, UV Gullas College of Medicine has consistently been ranked among the top medical colleges in the Philippines for quality of clinical training and international exposure.

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