Types Of Premises Liability Cases You Should Be Aware Of 


The property owners of commercial or residential land are obligated to ensure that any visitors or guests are protected and safe from any type of accident. Premise liability cases have been rising, and it would be helpful for you to know how to deal with these cases. 

The victim should not avoid pursuing legal action against the responsible person since these accident cases can leave them with severe injuries. An atlanta premises liability attorney can help and assist the victim throughout the process. 

  • Slip and fall accidents 

A typical slip and fall accident occurs when the victim slips, trips, or falls due to an object or an anomaly in the property due to the property owner’s fault. It is one of the most common premise liability cases that can occur anytime and on any commercial or residential complex. The victim should consult a premises liability attorney in Atlanta if they want to pursue the case for legal action. 

  • Ceiling collapse 

When the ceiling of a building collapses on the victim, it is considered a ceiling collapse premise liability case. This type of liability case can leave the victims with severe injuries that could last lifelong. It would be in the victim’s best interest to seek medical help immediately and collect any substance that can act as proof for the premise liability case. 

  • Dog or animal attack 

Many people have pets in their households. If the victim visits the property owner who keeps a pet in their complex and the pet bites or attacks them, it would be considered an animal attack. This type of case also falls under the premise liability case. The victim can sue the property owner for this act and claim damages or injuries if any. 

  • Construction site accidents

A construction site is highly likely to house an accident. The workers and executives on the site have to work with objects or parameters that posses a risk of harming the victim if something goes wrong. Not only workers, but a construction site could be risky for pedestrians. The victim will be entitled to compensation if they get hurt at the construction site. 

  • Hotel accidents 

The hotel owner’s or the management team’s responsibility is to ensure the visitors’ utmost safety on their premises. However, the hotel’s management fails to deliver a safe environment for the visitors by leaving hazardous materials around, not maintaining proper hygiene, or avoiding any issue that could spark an injury. 

  • Parking lot accident 

A parking lot accident occurs when a victim sustains injuries in a commercial property parking lot. Surprisingly, a trip and fall accident can likely happen in a parking lot. If the victim falls or slips due to a dangerous object lying around, they should consider this a premise liability case and must pursue the damages from the property owner. 

The victims of any premise liability case would be entitled to compensation for the damages or injuries they encountered. However, obtaining compensation could be difficult due to the property owner’s incompetence. It would be in your best interest to look out for yourself whenever visiting someone else’s property. 

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