Tile Flooring&Decor: A Dreamhouse Staple


Designing your dream house to suit your vibe and aesthetic often takes months and years of planning. Using tiles for flooring purposes can be considered more of a ‘de rigueur’ than an option. From the kitchen to bedrooms&bathrooms, and the living room, the styling, selection of the best flooring, and display of tilework around the house not only make your home look tidy but adds a sense of peace, calm, and serenity. Thus making the ideal choice is crucial and should be done after adequately analyzing the overall big picture. Be it a sophisticated or mere plain perspective you look out for, some factors that highlight the necessity of flooring and decorating are:

1. Versatile nature:

There is a range of colors, sizes, textures, and materials. From primary glossy to linen-textured amethyst and shapes befitting modern and rustic looks, a tile is the most diverse element in the home-decor sector. They are designed to suit a spot in the house with maximized movement, like the living room or humidity-infested sinks and bathrooms. Thus they offer both propriety and protection. For instance, in Australian homes, terracotta or concrete tile option is opted for roofing homes to provide the aesthetic while preserving it from after-effects of rains, i.e., dampness and the extreme summers.

Besides, the regular usage of shingles around the house could be boosted with some creative ideas such as highlighting a specific element (e.g., wallclock) with contrasting tilework just to be unique. Backsplash shingles, one such concept that has now gained popularity in 9/10 homes in an area, were discovered in the 20th century.

2. Cleaning made easy!

One of the everyday tasks that essentially need to be performed is cleaning! Tiles make the entire process more straightforward as they do not require as much effort as a wooden floor or carpet. Mopping the house barely takes an hour and isn’t very tiring.

This flooring is ideal if there are pets or toddlers in the house who have a very high rate of causing a mess in the home due to spilling or pooping.

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3. Smooth maintenance and repair:

Managing these slabs is zero hard work. Regular cleaning and owning a high-end adhesive or sealant can come in handy in case of cracks. It is essential to possess a good quality adhesive to prevent the seeping and leaching of water and other liquids under them, resulting in immense damage.

If they are heavily cracked or distorted, restoring them finishes in a few minutes. However, it is vital to store an extra container of the tile to fasten the restoration process.

4. Sturdiness:

A very essential factor to be mindful of while planning flooring is the durability of the product. Wooden floors are expensive and cannot withstand high traffic within the house for an extended period. On the other hand, a wooden texture-based tile offers both durability and longevity, from defying the stomping around in different shoes to heavy grocery bags to cutlery being dropped off the table!

5. Coolness on touching:

An impressive properly possessed by floor tiles is its capability to repel heat and emit comfortably cool temperatures. If you’ve returned from the beach on a sunny day in Australia, a steamy shower will feel refreshing against the chill of top-quality tiled flooring.

6. Aesthetics&Vibe:

Everyone wishes for their dream house to exude positive vibes and a satisfactory aesthetic. Alongside maintaining a tidy and luscious fragrance, positioning and contrasting the location of these shingles is crucial. One can plan the execution of this with their interior designer based on their interest. Remember to not go too overboard with contrast, as the outcome will fail you while costing you a fortune.

Alongside these benefits, materials best-fitted and primarily used in home decor are Porcelain, Ceramic, Granite, Marble, Glass, and other natural stones.

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