There are new motorcycle safety technology you should know


Motorcycle safety technology has a long history of being innovative, and as many new technologies are entering the motorcycle industry, some that you may not be familiar with have emerged. This article will explore some of these new safety features.

1. Electronic Immobilizer

An electronic immobilizer is a device used to prevent a motorcycle from starting if its security system has been tampered with. This is particularly helpful in deterring would-be thieves. However, the recent emergence of highly sophisticated remote hacking devices has led to several high-profile incidents in which thieves have removed these systems.

2. Tire Pressure Monitoring

Tire pressure monitoring is a system that will constantly monitor the air pressure in your tires, alerting you when a low-pressure situation occurs. This is a beneficial technology for motorcycle riders, as it can prevent accidents from occurring due to external tire pressure. Because if you get involved in an accident, you’ll need a Colorado motorcycle accident attorney.

3. Rain-sensing Wipers

Rain-sensing wipers are controls that detect rain and automatically adjust the windshield wipers’ speed. This feature prevents an accident due to not being able to see through the windshield. This technology is beneficial for riders in the United States, where heavy rain and a high likelihood of fog can occur at any time of the year.

4. Lane Departure Warning

A lane departure warning system is a safety feature that will alert you if you drift out of your lane. This system uses sensors mounted on the handlebars to determine when you have left your lane. The first of these systems are already available on the market.

5. Blind Spot Alert System

A blind-spot alert system uses sensors and cameras to monitor the area around the bike, alerting the rider to any riders in their blind spots. This can be a beneficial feature for riders who may have trouble seeing their blind spots without taking their eyes off the road.

6. Lane Departure Prevention System

A lane departure prevention system uses radar and cameras to monitor your speed at different locations around the bike. If you are not maintaining your speed, a warning message appears on display. This is a beneficial feature for new riders or those who may be distracted while on the road.

7. High-beam Alert System

A high-beam alert system uses sensors to determine whether you are in an area with cars driving behind you and turn off your high beams to avoid blinding others. This helpful safety feature allows other drivers to see the motorcycle more clearly and prevent accidents from occurring.

8. Anti-Lock Brakes

Also known as anti-skid brakes, they allow the motorcycle to be braked using the front and rear brake simultaneously. This is a safety feature that prevents the bike from skidding. These brakes are particularly useful on slippery surfaces.

9. Motorcycle Stability Control

Motorcycle stability control is a system that uses various sensors to evaluate the motorcycle’s speed, acceleration, and braking capability. The system will then adjust its settings to help prevent the bike from losing control in certain situations.


The future looks bright for motorcycle safety technology. These new features can help prevent accidents, and riders are becoming more aware of the importance of utilizing these systems. It’s a good time to become a motorcyclist, thanks to such exciting innovations.

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