Garage building is a big project which needs cautious planning, permits and construction work. No matter if you are thinking of going for a garage package or hire a professional garage builder, there are some essential points to keep in mind. You can discuss all these questions with Garage Door Repair London Ontario if you will have any questions after reading.

Planning and permits

The primary step to any building project is to plan and get all required permits from your local municipality. Get in touch with your Calgary regulatory bodies to plan your construction project and locate any utilities which can impact the garage.

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Building a detached garage needs both a development and building permit from the city. A development permit gives assurance that the garage on the property complies with code and the building permit controls design and construction.

Your local Development Officer will analyze your application and check its adherence to Zoning Bylaw rules. After approval, the plan is assessed by a Safety Codes Officer to make sure it’s compliant with the building code of the state. After the project is complete, a final inspection is done.

Demolition and concretion

Once you have got the required permits, you can commence working on the site. If it needs demolition of your old garage, then it should be done.

After the garage is demolished, the place should be prepped for the concrete slab. It is important to get the concrete work done perfectly as it sets the foundation for your new garage. It will make sure that the area is properly prepared, concrete is efficiently spread and finished appropriately.

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To get rid of the hassles of finding efficient trades, Brave Homes has skilled professionals to complete these steps for you.


Once the concrete has cured, you should frame your new garage. After the cost to build a garage in Calgary has been discussed with the garage building company or the garage building package has been selected, they will instantly start the work.

After the framing is done, roofing, siding and other, door and eavestrough are taken care of. All the things are installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Brave Homes can finish your garage construction in just a few days and make your garage the envy of the locality.

Gas and electrical

Usually, all garages have an electricity supply but only some are insulated. It should be finalized during the start of the project. Both electrical and gas utilities should be done by professionals as they need skills and permits.

Problems with Commercial door repairs Gold Coast garage doors can run the range from mechanical problems to structural issues.


After the construction is done, you may need some finishing touches. No matter if you want to insulate and finish your garage with paint or build customized shelving or cabinets, you can add the last touch. You can also go for custom garage solutions to get a garage of your preference and requirement.

Hiring professionals with experience in garage construction is really essential to get your project done appropriately on time and on budget. Brave Homes is your one-stop solution to get your garage build perfectly according to your requirements and preference by the hands of professionals.


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